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Free Verse

A.H. Mehr
Catharsis Chronicles
2 min readJun 9, 2024


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Poetry is open to, as you want, interpretation,
but not, to any insignificant misinterpretation.
You may think it is obscure and complicated
or that it is overt, too intricate and twisted.
But look close into the characters of the words
you will, no doubt, find many-many worlds.
Each string of verse unfolds gloriously/glowingly,
taking you to the heights and depths lyrically.

Poetry hits you deep, and gets it right/finds answers,
allows you to appreciate its sublime depth/its manners.

Poetry is a beautiful experience, but underrated
or called as numb or always sad and frustrated.
Have you ever tried to understand its essence,
its unique aspects, expressions and its presence?
Have you ever felt the liberation, the emotionality
that a poem lets you feel, or even the rationality?
Have you ever practiced the art of reading a poem,
Don’t you want to ever feel finiteness in tandem?



A.H. Mehr
Catharsis Chronicles

Graphophile - In a small way, but loving this aesthete's journey.