Rich Expectations

Can I speak to the CEO?

Carlo Zeno
Catharsis Chronicles


Photo by Alexy Britton on Unsplash

You were in a rush, I get it.

You hated having to wait for
the old lady in front of you.

I could see it in your eyes —
Is this going to take all day?

Your cherry red porsche
was parked outside —

Your house was worth at least
two million, and you were
making a killing on your
other properties.

With inflation, you thought now
was a good time to raise the rent
on your tenants — struggling cogs
of the gig economy, uber drivers,
call center workers, maybe the
barista who made your coffee.

This lady should drop dead already.

I could see it written all over your face,
like a man used to getting his way
in life — a man used to winning.
You then announced to
no one in particular —

Should I come back another time?



Carlo Zeno
Catharsis Chronicles

Top writer in poetry and satire. Migrant. Expat. INFP. Poet. Satirist. Tragedian. Tutor. Public Servant.