The Good Morning

A fantastical narrative poem exploring love’s power to heal generational trauma

Catharsis Chronicles
3 min readMay 23, 2024


“Love’s Fantastical Garden” AI-Generated Image with Playground AI

“Lovely meeting you here,” she said
She lays next to him in a soft bed
As she kissed away the tears he shed
She felt the pain of his long regret
Tragedy behind the path he set
Such sad deeds his mind would not forget
Morning comes sweetly with fresh flowers
While life transforms in the after-hours
Joy, peace, and wonder can be ours.

Too brazen to admit his cold fear
She promised she would always be here
In blindness, she seemed to disappear
For a minute, it seemed deranged
A moment out of time, all changed
The spirals coiled; light rearranged
Morning comes sweetly with fresh flowers
Even when a fool wastes and devours
Still, hope restores and empowers.

Now he sits on his begotten throne
Love by his side and never alone
The ill pains of yesterday are gone
Sips nectar from her golden chalice



Catharsis Chronicles

Writer, Poet, Storyteller, & Scholar. Co-founder of http://bluelotusliving.com. BA in Speech Communication. Former ghostwriter who came back to life.