All of You


Navya Gupta
May 16, 2022


Photo by Elena Taranenko on Unsplash

I carry an ocean in my eyes
I want to swim through
but you want me to drown

I carry a mountain in my heart
I want to climb it
but you want its weight to put me down

I carry a flower in my mind
I want to nurture it with love
but you want to pluck it till its brown

I carry your heart in my soul
I want to let go of it
but your spell has no bounds

All of you is in all of me
I push your memories away
but why are you still so much around?

©2022 Navya Gupta. All rights reserved.



Navya Gupta

I am a 100-year-old soul stuck in the body of a 20-something… Connect with me on Instagram - unwor_d