Whatever You Say


Navya Gupta
1 min readJan 8, 2024


Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash

I’d eat breakfast at night…
In the noon,
I’d bathe in moonlight…
I’d draw circles with a
Straight line
Cross the road
Without a green sign
Whatever you say, my love
Your words are the food I eat
Your presence is what makes
The air I breathe —
So sacred

Whatever you say my love
I don’t need music
I’d just dance to the rhythm of your heart
And your sigh, as you breathe
Will become my lullaby…
Your touch, all soft and warm
is my guiding light
That’s all I need…
All I need, my love
To live a long life

Every morning, the sparkle in your eyes
Is my sunrise
Every night, when I close my eyes
It’s from the luster of your silver strands
Is when my lids feel the moonlight
Seems like I do not need the
Earthly things anymore
To see the light of the day
For my existence lies within you
And whatever you say…

— ©2024 Navya Gupta. All rights reserved.



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