Belief in astrology is linked to narcissism and low intelligence

Is “New Age” spirituality a poor replacement for the real thing?

Photo by Vedrana Filipović on Unsplash

Not long ago, a friend forwarded me a headline from the popular magazine Psychology Today: “Who Believes in Astrology? The Odd Role of Narcissism.” We both shared a laugh over it. As members of the Millennial generation, we both hear a lot of talk about horoscopes, healing crystals, and…



Discover the richness of the old yet living 2,000-year-old religion which built the West. History, lifestyle, family, music, theology, scripture, literature, the saints, church history, parenting, politics, prayer, the pope, and more. See the depths of Catholicism for yourself!

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Ashley Herzog

New account. I’m still a professional journalist, novelist, and radio host. And Catherine’s mom.