David Pinault on Charles de Foucauld

There is an old saying in Catholicism, every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. If there is anyone in the history of the Catholic Church who highlights this, and there are many, Charles de Foucault is one.

Ignatius Press recently released the second edition of Charles de Foucault by Jean Jacques Antier. David Pinault author of Providence Blue, also from Ignatius, wrote the introduction. I had a chance to speak with David for the radio show I host and for my work on Medium, Substack and Authory.




Discover the richness of the old yet living 2,000-year-old religion which built the West. History, lifestyle, family, music, theology, scripture, literature, the saints, church history, parenting, politics, prayer, the pope, and more. See the depths of Catholicism for yourself!

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