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As I was relaxing on the beach, the editors here at Catholicism for the Modern World kept this ship running smoothly. Give them a round of applause!

Jocelyn Soriano, Chinemerem Andrew, Nick Howard, and Nolan Campbell

It is good to realize that this publication has become greater than me. A community of just myself seems quite boring. The endeavor all along has been to make the greatest Catholic community on Medium.

I believe we, together, have accomplished that!

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Best Articles Of the Week:

Thou Shall Not Kill I: What the Catholic Church Declares on Abortion Michael Snellen

Cursing Others in Prayer: What’s Up with Some of Those Psalms? The Prodigal Parishioner

A Crisis of Love, Part 2 J.P. Iglesias

An Invitation: a chanter’s perspective on life and liturgy Reader Basil

Did Catholicism’s Emphasis on Rules Break Our Friendship with God Rjcarr

Review: The Great Adventure Catholic Bible by Ascension Press Estelle Amodia

The Satoshi Nakamoto of Mysticism Eric Scheske

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Let’s keep this momentum up!

May God bless you!

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