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It is time again for your favorite weekly Catholic newsletter . . .

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This week has been a special week since we have become a bit more organized.

Last Sunday, Nolan Campbell set up our group Discord. So far, 40 of you have joined it. If you haven’t done so yet, do so.

It is a great place to talk, collaborate, and connect with other Catholic creators.

Many of our writers have their own blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos. Many of them are looking for guests and writers to feature on their websites. Don’t miss this opportunity!

But we also have fun.

We constantly talk about random things, as well as enter debates with outside guests — last week we had debates with both a member from the Satanic Temple and guys of Eastern Orthodoxy.

Come join us!

Look at our different channels, to get a better idea of what it is:

Here is the link to join. If you have any trouble with getting in, let me know:

I will also take a brief moment to thank our editors who have joined to help me approve your articles faster, offer suggestions, and proofread.

Jocelyn Soriano, Chinemerem Andrew, and Nick Howard

Here Are a Few of Our Best Articles That You Should Read:

Papal Supremacy: Pope Gregory the Great vs. Patriarch John the Faster by Nick Howard

Motherhood, Hospitality, and the Catholic Worker: Vocations that Heal by Susan Windley-Daoust

Are Catholics Christian? by Austin Wright

Thomas Aquinas: Pinnacle to Obsolescence in 200 Years and Why It Matters by Eric Scheske

Faith and Reason: Relationship Between God and Man & Man and Neighbor by Jonathan Molik

What is the Point of NFP? by Lucas Brown

Why Did Jesus Never Say “Be Nice”? by Chinemerem Andrew

Catholicism Is Not Dead on Medium by Jocelyn Soriano

The Heel of the Woman by Felicity Dark

Novena to Saint Cecilia by Charlie Deist

Allow Yourself Be Loved, Because Love is the Stuff You’re Made of by The Prodigal Parishioner

Why We Do Not Have the Writings of Jesus by RJ Carr

Filling Up the Measure of Iniquity by Barbara Cleary

The God of Order and Disorder by Gerad Carrier

Various Links

I hope now you have enough reading to keep you occupied!

It is only a sample of the full page. Click the following link and find a section you are interested in:

A few of our curated sections:

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Final Things

Follow and share the publication with your friends and family! Clap and share the articles across the internet. Comment on stuff you enjoy! Follow our writers!

Let’s keep this momentum up!

May God bless you!

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