I AM Catholic Is a Movement To Build Next-Generation Media

Here is how you can support us

Michael Snellen
I AM Catholic


I AM Catholic

Our mission statement: “By bringing together 1,000s of independent creators, we will produce truly next-generation Catholic video, writing, and music.”

All of our original content is released for absolutely free, for the sake of spreading the Gospel to millions of people.

With your support, this mission, made possible only in the age of the internet, will be accomplished.

Next-Generation Media

This year alone, we have planned the Saints of a New Age book and film, the Kentucky Holy Land documentary, engaging Catholic Nexus podcast interviews, countless high quality YouTube videos, expanding our Sacred Music collection, and much more.

We couldn’t do this without you.

Please consider paying it forward, sharing our apostolate with friends, and saying a prayer for us.

Our research indicates that for each dollar put into this mission, I AM Catholic is able to reach 20 new people.

For as little as a $5 contribution, you are able to help spread the Gospel to 100 people.

If we can raise $500 dollars today, that will supercharge our company and share our content with 10,000 souls!

Let’s do it for the glory of God!

Thank you, and may God bless you!