Saints of a New Age

A captivating film/book that investigates the hidden graces helping ordinary Catholics persevere in their lives of crosses

Michael Snellen
I AM Catholic


This story isn’t about conversion stories. It’s about pivot stories. It’s not about accepting a cross — many do that, and many drop it. It’s about carrying that cross.

Why does that old man at the back of the church still show up every Sunday? How about that young couple who decided to raise their children in a world opposed to their faith?​

Is that grace able to be captured so as to inspire others?

Now, to help Catholicism for the Modern World, an aspiring multimedia company, produce this story, composed of a film and a book, I am asking for your support.

Our goal, which would help cover all the costs, is $2,024.

Prayerfully consider a donation. If you can’t do that, share this post. If all else, and before all else, keep our apostolate in your prayers.

May God bless you all!

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