The Heresies of Meister Eckhart

Errors examined and condemned in Pope John XXII’s edict “In agro dominico,” Mar. 27, 1329

Michael Snellen
I AM Catholic


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Taken from page 195 of Denzinger’s The Sources of Catholic Dogma. Eckhart himself was never condemned as a heretic; as he was on his way to defend himself to the Church, he died. However, these beliefs are to be taken with caution.

We condemn and expressly disapprove the first fifteen articles and also the two last ones as “heretical,” but the eleven others already mentioned as “evil-sounding, rash, and suspected of heresy,” and no less any books or works of this Eckart containing the above mentioned articles or anyone of them.

(I) And when asked why God did not create the world first, he answered that God was not able to create the world first, because He cannot take things before He is; therefore, as soon as God was, He immediately created the world.

(2) Likewise it can be granted that the world existed from eternity.

(3) Likewise at the same time and once, when God was, when He begot the Son coeternal with Himself, through all things coequal God, He also created the world.

(4) Likewise in every work, even evil, evil I say, as of punishment and of sin, the glory of God is manifested and reflects equally.