Top Ten Mystics of the 14th Century

They were the rock stars of late medieval Europe

Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash

The fourteenth century was an era of singular richness in the history of Christian mysticism. Frank Tobin, Henry Suso, The Exemplar, with Two German Sermons.

The 1300s. Europe in the grips of economic depression, war, and natural catastrophes. Europe still experiencing the spiritual wake left by…



Discover the richness of the old yet living 2,000-year-old religion which built the West. History, lifestyle, family, music, theology, scripture, literature, the saints, church history, parenting, politics, prayer, the pope, and more. See the depths of Catholicism for yourself!

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Eric Scheske

Eric Scheske

Former editor of Gilbert Mag and columnist for NC Register. Freelance for many print pubs. Publishes here every Monday, plus occasional pieces during the week.