3 things your media kit should have

Just like resumes lets potential employers know about your achievements, media kit is a must have for content creators who wanna step up their game

Hi, I’m looking for….Please leave you social media links in the comments…Shortlisted creators to be contacted…

If the above sounds familiar, it’s because marketers are profiling you and putting your details into an excel sheet. This could easily take them hours to complete. With media kits, you make their job easier and increase your chances.

Consider the following:

What is the #1 thing that will make you stand out to potential brand sponsors and convince them that your digital content is the right investment for their advertising dollars?

Two words: Media Kit.

I’ll tell you straight: it does take a bit of time investment to put a great-looking media kit together, but once it’s done, all you need to do is periodically update it.

So folks, this doesn’t have to be some terrifying project — it’s pretty simple, really. 10 steps and you’re done — so as soon as you’re finished reading, share this post with your friends and then get going.

You might think it’s just dry, boring facts like your Google Analytics stats and your pricing, but if you stop there, you’re selling yourself short. A media kit is an opportunity to show off the best of yourself as a creator: your personality, your style, and what makes you unique.

A great media kit is the gateway to the best sponsorship program with the highest rewards. Period.


Gather your resources
- Make a list of subjects you content you produce
- Social media channels you are active on

- Page views per month (from Google Analytics)
- Average page views (in the last 30 days)
- Reach of your social media channels (this could be impression)
- Audience demographics 
- Any other statistics that are noteworthy

Wrap it up with contact details
- After showcasing your profile, you need to let them able to contact you.

What to use to make you media kit?

You can present the information above in PowerPoint then convert them into PDF. Just be sure to update it often to present the latest information because you would like marketers to know how your audience is grown and engaged.

How can I have my media kit automatically updated?

This is where CatJira comes in to help you :) By signing up with CatJira, you get profile that is automatically updated. No more sending multiple social media links or updating your own media kit.

Here’s how your CatJira profile could look like:

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