5 Unexpected Functions of Your Cat

More than you can imagine. Can you even imagine how hard your cat is trying to help you?

June Leung


Note to editor, photo from Envato Elements, I have the license

People used to say that dogs are men’s best friends. Maybe that is because they have never met a cat. Pity them.
Those ungrateful people have no idea what they are missing out.
Cats aren’t only our best friends, they are more than that.
A life-saver, maybe.
Keep reading to see how your cat is there for you at every turn.

1. Referee

The whistle is blown and it is time for the game or a break? Sometimes, it is hard to tear ourselves from our work and we end up staring at screens for hours on end. No wonder your cat is right there to stop you from staring for too long.

Right there, either between you and the screen or right on the keyboard. Or if you are also using a mouse…
Well, you have a cat, right? And a cat has to do cat-things.
Before you get angry with your trusty ol’ cat, you know what? Maybe not only do you need a rest, but your device may also need a break.
Be thankful, humans.

When your cat is away, consider that another whistle blew and you will be back to the race.

After the cat has left!
Don’t even try to move your cat!
How dare you —

I have warned you... Now, look at your red hand and your cat’s angry face.
Your cat has grace and you still get a chance to be on the field. Don’t do that again, otherwise...

2. Water Sampler

Your trusty cat will never want you harmed. Consider yourself lucky.
First, if your cat is nowhere in sight with your glass, consider that cat-approved, nothing worth worrying about.

When your cat is inspecting your glass, hands off, human, your cat is doing the important job here. Something may be fishy and your cat has decided to step in.

Now your cat has made the decision.

If your cat walked away, consider your water had passed the examination. If they kept drinking, then congratulation, your water is deserving of their love. If I were you, it’s time to get another glass of water for yourself when your cat is enjoying the fruit of their labor — spotting a good glass of water.

If your cat spilled all the water on the table —
The water is bad for you.
Luckily, your cat had found it out before you will have it all in your stomach. Consider yourself lucky. Now it’s time to wipe the table dry and wash the towel thoroughly, for sure. When you’re ready for the next glass, make sure to only get the good water.

Now say thank you to your cat?

3. Alarm

Your phone rang as the time for you to get up sneaks in. You snoozed it and rolled to the side despite every productivity guru suggesting otherwise. There’s still time, and you have scheduled extra time just for rolling over.

Of course, you have everything planned down to the —



You almost jumped when a load landed on your stomach and soon your chest.

A heart attack…!
From your beloved cat helping you from your sleep.

As you sat up and your cat moved to your lap, there is a smile on their face.

A human saved for the day.
Now, you human, remember to work hard and get new cans on your way home.
Your cat hops off your bed and heads to the living room, not forgetting to spare a meow for you.

It’s time to fill the bowl, after all.

4. Refresher


There’s something furry scrubbing by your feet when you are busy scrolling on your phone when you are sitting comfortably on the couch.

That thing is back now and it tickled even more.

Now it yanks you out of the endless scroll and you jump.

Is that a spider?

Is that a rat?

Ah, it’s just your trusty cat.

I bet you aren’t sleepy right now, nor are you dozing off just scrolling and doing nothing productive. Go feed your cat now, that will make you at least somewhat useful.

5. Habit builder

Recently, people no longer talk about goal setting, they are now moving towards habit building. Do you think your cat is going to lag behind on that end?

I dare you not. Our trusty cats are never going to fail us, right?

Cats have been doing that for you long before habit-building even becomes a term.

Some flipped-over bowls and the loud cranks are reminders for cat-feeding time.

Some strange licking noise in the bathroom is the hint that you should get a toilet run before it is too late.

Some cat hairs on your trousers is the cue that it is time to change them up and do the laundry.

And bonus:

Ever head to the bathroom at night when the lights are off? You think you know where the bathroom is with your eyes closed (or not opened)?

There is a flash and a shadow and something bumps on your feet.


Oh, it is just your cat dashing out of the bathroom into the living room.

If your heart hasn’t jumped out of your throat now, you have a big heart.
Do you know how dangerous it is to walk in the dark?

Your cat will go to length to make sure you won’t have to take the risk. Even if you refuse to turn on the light, now you for sure are no longer sleepy. Get your toilet run and tuck yourself back in for (hopefully) a few more hours of sleep (until your trusty cat, i.e. alarm, is there to remind you to get up and feed them).

What are we even going to do without cats?