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6 Reasons Cats Like to Sleep With You

October 5, 2021

You may have this experience that when you wake up, you see your cat sleeping soundly beside you. This feeling is warm, right? In fact, it’s pleasant and relaxing to have a cat sleeping with you.

Why does a cat like to sleep with you?

This question has been asked many times in Quora.

In my eyes, there are 6 reasons that your cat likes to sleep with you.

1、They are curious, wanting to observe their owner nearby.

Never doubt that cat is a curious pet. As long as there is something that can arouse the cat’s curiosity, the cat will use its own scholarly spirit to figure it out. The cat is curious about why you close your eyes when you sleep and why you sleep in bed, thus the cat will sleep with you in order to observe you nearby.

2、Cats lack a sense of security. It’s safer to sleep with their owner.

Compared with dogs, cats are more insecure. Especially when it’s alone, it will feel terrified and needs to find something to comfort itself. The owner is the best comforter. So whenever you sleep, the cat will jump on the bed and sleep with you, feeling that you can protect it.

3、Cats yearn for warm places, and sleeping with their owners is the warmest thing.

Cats are always pursuers of light and heat. For cats at night, it is not only dark but also cold. What is the warmest place? It must be the owner’s quilt, not only has the quilt and bed but also has a human-shaped heater, which is comfortable.

4、Cats like the smell of their owners

Many cats have been taken home by their owners since childhood. The owner’s smell is the most familiar for them. Cats are sensitive to smells. If the owner has the smell of other animals, it will want to use its own to cover up them. To keep its smell on the owner, it is necessary to sleep with the owner.

5、They treat the owner and the bed as their own possessions

Cat’s possessiveness and sense of territory are strong. When you live with your cat for a long time, the cat will regard you and all the things in the family as his own possessions. It feels that it is a matter of course for it to sleep with you.

6、Cats like to imitate human beings

Cats are smart. After staying with humans for a long time, they have also learned a lot about the human world, such as opening the door, watching TV, and so on. They will imitate their owners as they see their owners going to sleep every night, running to a room, sleeping on a bed, and covering with a quilt. It will develop a habit of sleeping with its owners.

If your cat likes to sleep with you, congratulations, you have a perfect relationship with your pet.

But is it really good to sleep with cats? There are pros and cons to everything. If the cat often plays outside or has allergies, it is best not to let it go directly to bed, but to bathe it, otherwise, there may be a lot of bacteria and cat hair.

Wish you have a pleasant sleep trip with your cat.



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