9 Things I Learned From a Pet Psychic

Your pets have an afterlife too.

Christine Schoenwald
Jan 6 · 4 min read
Picture of Yoshi by Christine Schoenwald

“Yoshi and Ray are enjoying eating ice cream,” Frankie (not her real name) said. “Yoshi admits he never ate ice cream when he was alive, but in the afterlife, he can’t get enough of it,” Frankie* continued.

Yoshi was my cat who died the week before, Ray, another of our dearly departed pets, and Frankie, a pet-communicator (aka pet-psychic) I’d booked a telephone session with.

I was in full-on-grief-mode and thought hearing about Yoshi’s life after death would help. And it did somewhat.

I’m somebody who believes in psychics, empaths, and those with special abilities, but I’m not an idiot. I know some prey on vulnerable people to make a buck, and someone grieving over a cat is a prime mark.

I felt Frankie was legit, and her heart was in the right place, but I wasn’t one hundred percent on board with her.

We all handle grief in our own ways, and sometimes it doesn’t matter if what someone says is entirely true — it can be a comfort to talk about the deceased as if they’re still here.

Hearing about Yoshi’s day in the afterlife made me feel connected to him in a small way.

Frankie told me many things: some I believed, some I was skeptical about, and some I had no judgment about. I give them to you in hopes they might comfort you if you’ve lost a pet.

The Rainbow Bridge is real.

There’s an area (in heaven?) where all the deceased animals hang out and play. They’re in great health and feel no pain. They’re always in a great mood, but they do get concerned if their human is having a difficult time of it.

Your pets will escort you across the Rainbow Bridge when you die.

You will be reunited with your dogs, cats, birds, and any other pet you were close to when you pass over. I’m confused if they escort you over and then leave you with a “Smell you later,” or if you’re together until the end of time. I’m hoping it’s the latter.

Animals are not reincarnated.

People are reincarnated to learn lessons and become greater beings, but animals are pure and don’t need to come back. If you get a new kitten and they do things that remind you of your previous cat, it’s not because your cat came back to life.

Your pets come to visit you all the time.

Your deceased cat may be sitting next to you right now. Sometimes when it feels as if someone has jumped on the bed, or when you see a fleeting glimpse of something which could be your pet, it’s them coming back to check on you.

Your pet can also come to visit you in your dreams, like people. I’ve been desperate for any visit from Yoshi, but he’s only partially appeared in two dreams.

Your pets school your new pets on what you like in a pet.

Apparently, ghost pets come back and tell your new pet what you like. I loved it when Yoshi and I would sleep on the couch together, and he’d make sure his paw was on my arm connecting us. A few times, our new kitten Carlos has reached out his paw in the same way.

If you’re overcome with grief, it’s difficult for your pet to reach you.

If you’re extremely upset, then it’s hard for your deceased pet to connect with you. Displaying extreme sorrow such as sobbing, screaming, and emotional pain manifesting as physical pain are blockades you’ve unintentionally put up.

They know you loved them.

I told Yoshi I loved him every day, but did I demonstrate my love enough for him to know? Frankie assured me Yoshi knew how treasured he was and how much I adored him.

No one will ever replace Yoshi, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have enough room in my heart for other pets. My love for Carlos, Allie, Josie, or Jimi doesn’t diminish my love for Yoshi, and it gives me peace, knowing that he’s not jealous.

They’ll love you forever.

Your pet appreciates everything you did for them, and their love for you is immeasurable. You saved them, cared for them, and made them feel loved, and they’re so grateful to you.

They’re not angry with your part in their death.

I feel as if I didn’t give Yoshi a good death. I didn’t explore enough options to see if his life could be saved. I was so overwhelmed by what was happening that I couldn’t think of alternative ways to pay for tests and treatments.

I also didn’t want him to suffer a moment longer than he had to, so I made rushed decisions and didn’t take enough time with him before he got the death shots.

I’m afraid Yoshi resents me for not doing more to save him, but according to Frankie, he believes it was his time to go and knows I did the best I could.

I’m still grieving Yoshi, but it helps to know that one day I’ll be able to hold and pet him, feel his paw with the fur between his toes resting against my arm and that I’ll able to tell him in person how much I love him.

*Frankie isn’t her real name.


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