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This is our carved, wooden cat. He is standing in for Emerson. Photo by Louise Peacock

For Erika and Emerson

Give your fur kids an extra cuddle

Yesterday I read an incredibly heartwrenching story by our friend Erika Burkhalter about the recent loss of one of her beloved cats, and the severe injury to another.


If you are an animal lover, this will make you absolutely furious. If you also an animal advocate and activist, you will be left beyond furious.

What happened to Emerson was beyond dreadful. The reason that it happened was despicable, and completely unforgiveable.

It made me realize that we REALLY need to consider very carefully with whom we entrust out fur kids when we need to leave our homes.

In the past, when we actually used to go away for little holidays, we always used one of two boarding places. However, before entrusting the pets to either one — we did extensive research on them, looked at recommendations and visited the places at different times during the week so see what they were like.

The idea of anyone in our home was not appealing, even if they were friends, so that was not an option for us.

We were lucky and our pets always came home in good shape. However, I have read not so good stories about some boarding places, so definitely a lot of research needs to be done before entrusting your pets to any so-called pet minding place.

In Erikas case, she was blindsided by someone she really trusted, and had known for years.

Please, let us all give our fur kids an extra cuddle, in appreciation that they are with us and alive and well.

Please send a comforting message to Erika to let her know how much we all care.



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Louise Peacock

Louise Peacock

Louise Peacock is a writer, garden designer, Reiki practitioner, singer-songwriter & animal activist. Favorite insult “Eat cake & choke” On Medium since 2016.