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A thunderous welcome to Satoshi’s dear Catoshi

On May 25th, after more than a decade in hiding, Satoshi Nakamoto’s long-lost Catoshi triumphantly reappeared — with the crypto community rolling out the red carpet and providing an incredible reception!

During its first 24 hours on Uniswap, Catoshi ($CATS) topped $5 million in daily trading volume while dominating the top spots on Dextools Trending for over 12 hours. By the time the dust settled on Catoshi’s return, the $CATS community had grown to over 800 hodlers and 1k+ Telegram members!

Of course, in spite of his obvious brilliance, Catoshi cannot do everything on his own; and the team behind him would like to thank the incredible $CATS community for our loud, powerful entry into the crypto space.

Presale and launch

We also want to give a huge shout-out to our presalers, who seem to have set the Guinness World Record for “Best Diamond Hands Presalers”.

Our team is a mixture of close friends and colleagues, and the sheer power of this cohesiveness was evidenced not only by how tightly our presalers held onto their coins, but also by the additional 10% burn of presaler tokens on the day of the launch. After a couple of outside influencers left early, only the team of hardcore hodlers remains. We are truly, and clearly, in it for the long haul.

The numbers tell the story:

Listing price: $0.0048

Presale price: $0.0092

Our presalers paid double the listing price for their tokens. The long-term commitment is there!

Up next?

See our roadmap here:

With all the exciting developments ahead, we as a team are barely able to contain our excitement! Next week, we plan to unveil the first of many game-changing announcements (we have to keep it a secret until then!), but we can tell you that Catoshi will be carving its own lane in the crypto space.

We are also proud, and unbelievably excited, to announce that our presalers (did we tell you they have diamond hands?) will be locking at least 50% of their presale tokens, for 3 months!

Lock-up link:

This is truly the beginning of something very special, and we invite you to remain with us and continue to show your wonderful support.

Already, community members have reached out offering all types of ideas and contributions — and it is exactly this type of energy and input that will allow us to go far as a family.

We have it on good authority: Satoshi would be proud of us!

Believe in Satoshi. Believe in Catoshi.




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