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Another Day, Another Bridge, Another Partnership

We’re on our way folks, one step at a time.

The long, arduous months that we all had to bear through are over. The storm has gone and as promised, it’s time for some sunshine…. It was all for a reason.

The First Bridging

Before, we drop the exciting news on what’s next. Let’s take a moment to celebrate our most recent wonderful achievement.

At Catoshi, we’re proud to have welcomed Shih Tzu ($SHIH), a reputable project of good size, as our first bridge partner! The launch of their token on the Binance Smart Chain was smooth, bridging of tokens back and forth, seamless (as to be expected). We look forward to working with $SHIH in the future, should they need to bridge to other blockchains.

The Fantom Blockchain

If you’re reading this… the job is already done. Catoshi has now entered the Fantom blockchain, a great ecosystem filled with opportunity. Fantom is one of the fastest growing Layer 1 blockchains with some of the fastest and cheapest transactions ever! The Fantom blockchain received Andre Cronje’s stamp of approval for a reason. We are here because we believe in it too. Having bridged over to a whole new ecosystem, we will be looking to make new friends and get more publicity, be on the lookout, a few things in the works.

Catoshi FTM Contract address: 0x64674D26df0Fd7cF8e9d5c8D721Bc202C6B98822

Dex link for buying $CATS on FTM:

Dextools doesn’t pull data from Shibaswap yet so for our FTM chart please go to:

ShibaFantom Partnership

If you haven’t heard, we’re now officially partnered with ShibaFantom, a top next-gen DeFi platform ran by a wonderful team. You have all seen the type of quality Toad/Padswap guys produce, you can expect the same with the crew at ShibaFantom. At Catoshi, we make it a priority to collaborate with great individuals

On top of that, we have a pipeline of projects waiting to be onboarded. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when. Q4 is filled with many exciting developments, we cannot wait to show you all!

Partnership Announcement:

$CZATS Farming

Thanks to our great partners at Toad/PadSwap, $CZATS now has its own liquid farming pool (immune to flash loans).

Link to Farm:

Just connect your wallet to their site. Add some $CZATS — $BNB liquidity and stake the LP tokens to enjoy wonderful yields, currently at 372%

Lookout for the upcoming farm, via our partners at ShibaFantom on FTM!!

The Crossing Referral Program

Now here is the part where community members can show their proactivity and financially benefit.

Catoshi has begun its referral program: The Catoshi Bounty

If you (yes…. you, the reader) know any project you believe would benefit from our bridging services. Please contact the developers of your chosen project, have us connect with them. If the project you referred utilises our bridging services, you will receive $500 worth of Catoshi and a special NFT (for referees only)!

Trust us when we say, you will want to keep a hold of the referee NFT…

We will be making a list and recognising every member that has made a successful referral. You all should have seen by now, how well Catoshi rewards those who work hard…. Make sure you get yourself on that list!

Believe in Satoshi, Believe in Catoshi.




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