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BIG NEWS: $CATS Audit Completed

Great news for the Catoshi Community!

In a world of scams and rug-pulls, there were two things that were important to us in launching Catoshi’s coin. We’ll get to the second thing in a moment(!!!), but the first thing was security. With 20 or more coins launching daily at this point, we enlisted @SpadeAudits to provide our community with peace of mind — and we are thrilled to announce that we have been given the full green light, with not a single critical issue in sight! You can find the audit here:

For those of you interested in the next layer of what we’re building, one interesting element of our foundation is our code. Rather than implementing a run-of-the-mill $RFI copy/paste code, our dev went back to the source and updated it to meet the requirements for the reflect, burn, and charity wallets. On top of that, the contract was extensively tested on Rinkeby test network — all to make sure the code has been built on a solid foundation and is ready to handle what is coming next.

Whitepaper: Coming Soon!

Okay, so we already mentioned that security was the first thing we wanted to focus on for our community. But what was the second?

This is where things really start to get fun…

We’re growing an awesome brand that our community can have fun with and rally around (and what better than the mother of internet memes, the $CATS!), but that’s only a small part of what this project is about. For a project this large and ambitious, it must be packaged in a clear and concise fashion for the masses to read. There are multiple moving parts, and the team is working on piecing them all together in the best way possible.

A week from now, we’ll be releasing our first whitepaper — where we’ll finally be able to lay out our bold vision for the future of $CATS.

Keep an eye on our Telegram ( and Twitter ( for further announcements. You don’t want to miss this!


We have a powerhouse alliance of hodlers and team members working behind the scenes right now to put together ideas, connections, and timelines for partnerships, marketing, and outreach, in order for us to reach the largest possible audience with the strongest possible impact. We have big plans, and we know that carefully-chosen collaborations will play a key role in realising the vision! We’re also laying the groundwork for some coordinated marketing campaigns to add to our community’s organic efforts — and we’ll continue to remain on the lookout for collaborations that can add value for all parties involved!


Catoshi is all about community participation! We have a dedicated, hardcore group of early hodlers who have been adding their efforts to those of the team. Our united family is truly growing into a force to be reckoned with, and we want to make sure that our entire community has opportunities to be involved in growing our beloved $CATS.

If you’re wanting to dip your toes deeper into the pool of $CATS, we have a few ways for you to have some fun:

1: Add $CATS to your TG username

Competition — Simply add $CATS in your TG name.

Reward — 5k $CATS tokens apiece to 5 of the most active users across TG who have $CATS in their name.

Deadline — Once the whitepaper is released, we will be gifting the winners with tokens.

2: $CATS Comic Strip

Competition — For the artistically inclined (or not 😊), create a quick 3–6 panel comic strip of Catoshi doing something cool (maybe devouring a dog? maybe fishing with Peter Schiff? maybe break-dancing on top of a chicken?). Let your mind roam free.

Reward — 10k $CATS to the winner. Also, there may be a spot for the winner to join our team of artists. We love creativity!

Deadline — This will depend on the pace of submissions; let’s pencil in 15th June for now.

Those are the current competitions active at the moment. More to come, Catoshi is all about community engagement and collaboration.

We’re growing something great together!

A little celebration

No matter how hard one works, it is always great to celebrate the wins — so:

A big thank you to everyone for helping us reach 1k followers on Twitter!!!

Our community has blown us away, with a small core of hardcore hodlers (from minnows to whales) multiplying our efforts, and with a much larger core of hardcore hodlers waiting in the wings to come to action when the time is right! The journey is just getting underway, and it will be as one big $CATS family that we will take our spot among meme coin royalty.

Lastly, we want to give a shoutout to the Spade team (and encourage you to give them a follow on Twitter!). They’re a sharp and hardworking bunch. Catoshi is grateful and will always remember those who have helped along this journey.


Believe in Satoshi, Believe in Catoshi.




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