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Contract Upgrade, Security and The Crossing

Long-time no see, it’s been a while since we’ve posted an update. The team has been hard at work; reflecting and making sure the project is heading in a future-proof direction. The market is dynamic but so are we. Nimble as a 🐱‍👤

Firstly, we are about a week or two away from officially launching The Crossing(!!!), and we are deep in conversation with a number of projects about implementing our cross-chain bridge for their tokens after everything goes live! The contracts for The Crossing (and the wrapping of CATS on BSC) are coming along beautifully, and we’re so excited to take this next leap!

Maintaining security and quality

As we worked with Spade to dig deeper into the original code, a subtle bug was discovered and although it wasn’t a huge issue, we do expect this project to grow significantly over the next several months (and years!) and want everything to be in pristine condition, so we decided to leverage this discovery in a really cool way.

The tech-y explanation: Whilst doing extensive testing for The Crossing to ensure that the 6% transaction fee did not debase the total Catoshi supply when the Erc 20 token is bridged to BSC, we noticed that there were issues with the way the 3% token reflect was being calculated. We took a closer look at the contract and identified a bug in this line of code:

uint256 rTransferAmount = rAmount.sub(rFee); return (rAmount, rTransferAmount, rFee);

This should read: rTransferAmount = rAmount.sub(rFee).sub(rCharityFee).sub(rburnFee)

Due to this bug being minor in its effect, it was able to slip past our protective measures (a spider can never trip a mouse trap). However, if not addressed it may cause issues later once the total Catoshi supply is split across bsc/eth and trading volume increases exponentially. This action will remove the risk of the bug possibly causing more serious issues in the future and ensure the crossing functions as intended.

Upgrading for the future

We will be running a 1:1 token swap with a redeployment of a new CATS contract, which will allow us to make some really positive upgrades to the original code. These will include:

⁃ Fixing the bug (obviously!)

⁃ Changing the 1% charity tax so that it instead directly sends ETH to the charity wallet (allowing us to donate to charity without worrying about the impact on CATS price down the road!)

⁃ Removing the tax on transactions with the bridge, allowing cheaper movement of coins to and from The Crossing.

⁃ Making the contract wallet multi-sig between ourselves, the Spade team, and the TOAD team for utmost safety and transparency to the community.

The supply will be exactly the same after all is said and done. Holders will own the same amount of tokens. We’re really excited about these improvements, and about the ways in which this sets us up for the future.

How and when will the swap be made?

Keep an eye on our telegram group. More details will be released. There is nothing to worry, every single token you hold will be exchanged 1:1. There have been no hacks, corrupted data, system failures or anything of that nature. This means the transition to the new and improved code will go smoothly.

We love the continued support of the community and will continue to remain transparent with everything we do.

Big things ahead for our rock-solid community!

Believe in Satoshi, Believe in Catoshi.




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