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Catoshi launched on May 25th with a pair of purposes: 1) We wanted to build powerful DeFi solutions, and 2) We wanted to build a strong, dedicated community that could become as much a part of Catoshi as the development team. A couple weeks in, and both of those purposes are being fulfilled beyond our wildest imaginations — with the community, in particular, shining brightly behind $CATS!

We’re unbelievably grateful for the enthusiasm and efforts of our community, with some members investing extraordinary effort into spreading the word, others producing all kinds of media (creative efforts we massively appreciate and enjoy!), and others working alongside the team to maximize the effectiveness of our combined efforts.

The smooth bond between the development team and the community has proven the old adage that iron sharpens iron — and this community energy continues to push our team to match that energy and deliver the highest level of quality. Here’s a look at some of our current developments!

Whitepaper Release — The Crossing

On June 14, Catoshi unveiled its whitepaper to the public (view here: — or visit our Twitter/Telegram!), where we unveiled our first major development: The Crossing!

The Crossing — a multi-chain bridge that will allow crypto projects to bridge from one blockchain to another — will launch (very) soon, with $CATS crossing to the Binance Smart Chain, where we have partnered with the elite team at PADSwap to provide high-APY yield farming/staking to our holders; and it won’t be long before we are bridging other projects onto PADSwap as well!

Through The Crossing, crypto projects will be able to take advantage of access to new token holders, new partners, and new DAPPs for their ecosystem — unlocking a new dimension of utility.

At a later date, we’ll release a Medium that dives deeper into The Crossing(!).

In the meantime, keep an eye out for the first bridge to be launched this month. (It’s very close!!!)

PADSwap partnership

A rocketship can’t reach the moon without a lot of teams coming together — and given the ambitious nature of our project, we are continually on the lookout for sharp, standout teams (teams that are head and shoulders above others!), which made the amazing talent at PADSwap ( a natural fit.

Through PADSwap, any project that uses The Crossing will be able to create yield farms or implement staking upon receiving an audit. “Why would a project choose to use The Crossing over another cross-chain bridge?” Well, assuming the project in question cares about their holders, the answer is easy! Not only does The Crossing provide a more affordable AND secure solution than can be found anywhere else, but our partnership with PADSwap will allow any project to create liquid yield farms with fair distribution that are immune to flash loan attacks. Anyone who has paid attention to recent flash loan attacks ($BOG, $BUNNY, etc.) understands how valuable, unique, and important this level of security is, and this is why teaming up with PADSwap was so important to us.

Keep an eye out for a later Medium where we will dive into the tech here; it’s really exciting stuff!

Satoshi Club Coverage

Our motto is, “Believe in Satoshi, Believe in Catoshi”. As such, it’s only right that we believe in Satoshi Club to help us spread awareness for the great work we’re doing at Catoshi. During the next few weeks, Satoshi Club will be covering Catoshi — with an AMA that has already taken place. Link will be shared soon.

!Competition Winners!

The MEME competition has concluded, and our community — unsurprisingly — massively over-delivered! What began as a comic strip competition evolved into a freestyle competition for the best art, and we loved every minute of it!

There were too many great works of art to post here, but we will be posting them ALL on our various social media platforms.

Congratulations to the winners!

1st place — @Renzogoodvybz — 14k $CATS tokens

2nd place- @Ralphjulesang — 4k $CATS tokens

Joint 3rd place — @Julian & @KatieCans — 2k $CATS tokens each.

Julian and Katie’s work was too good we couldn’t decide between the two 😂

We still have one competition in play at the moment — “Adding $CATS to your TG username”. Prizes of $CATS tokens per person to 5 of the most active users across TG who have $CATS in their name.

This competition has been split into 2 rounds. The 1st round winners will each receive 5k $CATS, the 2nd round winners receive 3k $CATS each.

As for the 1st round winners.

Congratulations to @renzogoodvybz, @aka_eddy, @ralphjules, @Ams_002_CATS and @A.

The 2nd round will be closing as we launch our first bridge release!

Community participation is what Catoshi is all about — so be sure to keep an eye out for more competitions (and feel free to message the team with any competition suggestions!).

Other Media

Catoshi now has a YouTube channel — providing another avenue to show off our wonderful project: through both the funny and the serious. Share; subscribe; and be sure to check out the hilarious first video one of our catspack members made —

Once again, shoutout to @Renzogoodvybz for the great contributions as well. We see you, king, and we appreciate the work!

To the community as a whole: know that we value (and love to recognize and publicize) your creativity. We invite you to be creative — to go wild and produce whatever your great minds can conceive!

We have also created a new Instagram page to share all the great work posted by the community. We will be making sure to credit the artists (feel free to share with us all your socials, and we can post them up as well). Link here — $CATS (@catoshi_nakamoto) • Instagram photos and videos

We are starting a new wave and creating something spectacular in this space — and our growth will come TOGETHER. Let’s help each other grow our channels; the likes, shares, and retweets all go such a long way. We will show the crypto community the power and potential of Catoshi!

At some point, we have all came across the following proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Let’s go further!




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