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New Year, New Catoshi

Happy New Years to the CatsPack!! Thank you for all the support you have shown us in 2021. This new year will be one to remember (that’s a promise). Catoshi will reach new heights and we are glad to have you with us on our climb.

Speaking of new, you can never go wrong with a fresh trim, a truly powerful transformation indeed. At Catoshi, we’ve gotten ourselves a nice shape-up 😎

Having spent months working on the back end, it’s time we focused on the front end. Catoshi is now entering a new stage of growth and it is important that we show a polished product with a fresh and professional look… Appearances matter after all.

Catoshi Rebranding

As we are entering a new year, we thought it was time to level up with a new look, one that represents Catoshi’s new stage of growth. We are expanding in the number of services we offer, and we felt the old brand had begun to limit us in the type of clients we could provide solutions for.

We are pleased to present our new branding and logo, Catoshi.

Modern, personable, attentive, professional, clinical, proficient…. the list could go on. These are but a few words to describe what Catoshi has become during this transition.

The Crossing U.I + Website Redesign

If you have been using our bridging service, you will have seen The Crossing’s new fresh design!

Checkout the sleek new site for The Crossing:

It was time for a more serious, yet appealing look. As we increase marketing and receive attention for our bridging service. It is imperative that our potential clients and users think of the words “Clean, Smart & Professional” upon first impression.

Our main website also received a makeover, keeping in-line with our new ethos. Checkout the roadmap too, we’re confident and excited to meet all our targets!!

Main website link:

Now, onto some more interesting developments.

Entering the Avalanche Blockchain (with a mystery partnership)

As promised, we have added another chain to our repertoire of bridging options. With more offerings, projects will be able to choreographically craft their own unique multi-chain pathway to success.

We also have a wonderful surprise. As you all know, each blockchain we enter, we partner up with a reputable decentralised exchange. This provides our bridge clients with a great place to put their liquidity and create farms, giving their community an opportunity for extra earnings. Lookout for our new partnership announcement coming soon, we promise you will love it!

White Label Bridging Service

We’re in constant communication with other projects, always taking note of their requests and ideas. We listened and have now created a new service, White Label Bridging.

Picture: U.I concept design

White Label Bridging allows projects to have their own bridging portal (powered by The Crossing) installed on their website. The bridge U.I is designed however they best see fit, tailor made to suite their unique identity.

We already have a couple of projects signed on for this service and a few more who are interested, look out for announcements soon! In 2022, we plan to offer the White Label service to many projects, easily achieved alongside the help of our community. Catoshi will spread everywhere, this is our year.

Upcoming Bridge to Polygon

There is a craze that has taken over and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, play-to-earn gaming. The Polygon network has established its position as a household blockchain for play-to-earn projects. This has brought a lot of attention to the network and a surge of activity within the ecosystem. For people in our line of work, this means opportunity.

Catoshi will soon enough establish a presence over at Polygon, tapping into this bountiful craze which will remain a powerful force in 2022.

As usual, we have to drop the Referral Program details. To celebrate the new year, we’ll be starting with a new referral program, an improvement on the previous one. Spread the word folks, help us bridge a project. Believe us, it will be worth it.

Catoshi Referral Program (Ending February 2022)

We’ve upped the ante for the Catoshi Bounty. You can now earn $1k from a successful referral!

If you (yes…. you, the reader) know any project you believe would benefit from our bridging services. Please contact the developers of your chosen project, have us connect with them. If the project you referred utilises our bridging services, you will receive $1,000 (In $CATS and stablecoins) and a special NFT (for referrers only)!

Trust us when we say, you will want to keep a hold of the referee NFT…

We will be making a list and recognising every member that has made a successful referral. You all should have seen by now, how well Catoshi rewards those who work hard…. Make sure you get yourself on that list!

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Providing cryptocurrency bridging solutions, helping project choreographically craft their own unique multi-chain pathway to success.