On the Streets of Tehran

We did spend very little time in Tehran, as a city, it is rather intense, and we were looking forward to spent more time in Yazd and Isfahan. But we did manage to see a few iconic places such as the former American Embassy, the famous Azadi monument, and the Sa ‘d Abad Complex in the Northern part of the city.

Let’s start with the Azadi Monument, which I could vaguely remember from the news broadcasts after something was going on in Iran or Tehran. The building has kind of a cool shape, but there was not much to see, and renovations were in progress. It was the first time that buildings did not obstruct the view, and you could see the snow covered mountains North of Tehran.

Next are some images of the Sa ‘d Abad Complex, a massive compound where Reza Shah lived in the 1920’s. It is now a park with many museums. I remember having a great time talking to the members of the family you see on the pictures. We were drinking coffees are were talking about life in Tehran. If I remember correctly, they even brought us in contact with a guide in their hometown.

And lastly the former American Embassy. Direct bilateral diplomatic relations between the two governments were severed following the Iranian Revolution in 1979, and the subsequent seizure of the embassy in November 1979. After the fall of the embassy, the Revolutionary Guard used it as a training centre, and continue to maintain the complex. The brick walls that form the perimeter, the embassy grounds are the size of a city block, feature some anti-American murals commissioned by the government of Iran. I am sure these images may look powerful to some, but it is part of history, and it shows that there are always two sides to every story.

More info here: Embassy of the United States, Tehran. Sa ‘d Abad Complex and the Azadi Tower.

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