Persian History in Iran’s National Museum

I am not going to annoy you with a lot of words this time. We kind of rushed trough the National Museum of Iran. Not because we ran out of time but simply because there was just too much to see. So many items appealing to the eye, Islamic art, with its geometric patterns can be so pleasing to the eyes.

Anyway — I’ll let the images speak for themselves. But first, just a few words on visitors.

I guess we both felt sorry for the fact that barely anyone made it to the museum on the day we were visiting. Their collection is truly world-class. But apparently tourism is still relatively small, and over the next days we would also see few people at other historical sites including Persepolis. The benefit is that you can visit many of these places without all the, typically obstructive, protective matters in place. Although in Persepolis they did recently put some glass panels in place, but simply because of lack of all the fencing a site like Persepolis is such an attractive place.

In my eyes Iran felt super-safe, and I have recommended most of my friends to travel there before maybe one day it loses its authenticity. Their museums deserve a lot more attention too, have a look yourself.

More info: National Museum of Iran.

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