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AltspaceVR 101: The Full Beginner’s Guide

Creating Your Own Avatar to Participate in Virtual Events

Please read and follow this guide completely before attending an AltspaceVR event so that you will be fully ready for your experience! It really will help!

~~~~~~ Table of Contents ~~~~~~

  1. Download & Install
  2. Create An Account
  3. Customize Your Avatar
  4. Movement and Interaction
  5. Menus and Settings
  6. Finding Friends
  7. Joining Events
  8. Visiting Other Worlds
  9. Taking & Sharing Photos

~~~~~~ 1.) Download & Install ~~~~~~

  • Browse to and locate the download section that applies to your device. Mac users can just click here for direct access to the beta release client and specific installation instructions.
  • Click the corresponding button and you will be taken to the correct download page for your platform.
AltspaceVR on the Microsoft Store
AltspaceVR on the Steam Store
AltspaceVR on the Oculus Store
  • After installing the AltspaceVR app on your device, open it for the first time.
  • Once it loads, click through a series of quick tips (only the first time) then you will find yourself on the Discover tab of the main menu.
“Whoosh whoosh. Whoosh whoosh.” What is that sound???

~~~~~~ 2.) Create An Account ~~~~~~

  • Click the Sign Up button to bring up the registration form.
  • Your Display Name is the name that people will refer to you when talking. It shows on your nametag above you and can be changed at any time.
  • Your Username, however, is a permanent unique account identifier. It must be 8 to 20 characters in length.
  • Your Email and Password are used to log you in and, of course, this email address is how you will receive platform updates and future event notices.
  • Input your locale Region and Birthday. You also must be at least 13 years old to sign up for AltspaceVR.
  • Click the Create button after you have completed the form. You will be logged out and back in under your new account with a prompt to begin a set of tutorials. If you are new, please click Begin Tutorial!
Welcome back, new member! Time for a quick learning session…

~~~~~~ 3.) Customize Your Avatar ~~~~~~

First question: “Just who do you think you are, anyway?”
This is the default avatar appearance. Anyone sporting this look has clearly skipped this step.
A section with sub-sections
A subsection’s options
Available tabs are highlighted in white
Paging controls for long option lists
  • On the left you will notice the main sections: Body, Head, Face, and Clothing. Inside of each section are sub-sections containing options.
  • Click on any section to reveal the available sub-sections within it.
  • Click on a sub-section to bring up a panel of options on the right-hand side.
  • You will also notice on the options panel there are tabs for Style, Pattern, and a Color picker. Here they ae grayed out because there are no style or pattern options for Skin Tone.
  • Each sub-section of options will highlight the available tabs in white as seen in the Body Shape options to the left.
  • Selecting an option on the right will immediately update your avatar preview so you can see how it affects your look.
  • Some option lists are very long (such as Hair — Style) and you will notice paging controls at the bottom. Click on the arrows to flip through each page. The current page dot will be highlighted in blue. Click on a style to apply it to your avatar preview.
  • Click the Save button when you are finished to apply your new look.
Oh my, what a handsome fellow!

~~~~~~ 4.) Movement and Interaction ~~~~~~

Oculus Quest Controls
Main Menu — Input — Classic PC Controls enabled
Mac Clients or Classic PC Controls setting disabled
Go to the first arrow… try walking to it.
Go to the next arrow… try teleporting over there!
Pick up and shoot some fireworks !— This image is showing 2D mode controls on the PC
Shoot some hoops to improve your ability to handle objects in virtual reality!
Enter the very old pin pad code: 2 0 1 5
Thanks for the reminder, mom.
This is just information.
FYI — Find the Info Zone under Featured Hub Spaces inside the Discover tab of your Main Menu.

~~~~~~ 5.) Menus and Settings ~~~~~~

Fig. 1 — The Radial Menu
Fig. 2 — Hover over your mic icon to see volume
Fig. 3 — The Emoji sub-menu
Fig. 4 — Cameras have a countdown: 3… 2… 1… CLICK!
  • Starting at the top is your Microphone Volume button (Fig. 1) which is currently muted as indicated by the red color and small X inside the icon. Click on it to unmute yourself. Hover over it to bring up volume controls (Fig. 2).
  • Moving clockwise the next button is your Emojis panel (Fig. 3). This button brings up a smaller radial menu of different emoticons. Click on any one of these to release a few floating icons above your head. You will hear an audible popping sound when you do. This is a great way to show appreciation in VR!
  • Moving along the next button — a little person icon — is your personal space Bubble. By default this option is ON (blue) but clicking it will toggle it OFF (clear) or ON again. The bubble makes anything that gets too close to you vanish from your sight. This is useful for keeping others from blocking your vision. Sometimes though you will want this off, for example when giving a high five to a friend. With it on, their hand would vanish when it got too close to yours. That’s no way to do it!
  • Continuing along clockwise, the next two buttons are the Selfie and Camera buttons respectively. These buttons are how you take pictures within the app. The Selfie button takes a picture facing backwards that includes you in the middle. The Camera button takes a picture facing forwards that captures the view that you are seeing. These cameras operate like instant Polaroids (Fig. 4) with no way to really line up a shot so you may end up retaking a few pictures to get things right. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!
  • Then you have the Go Home button which will return you to your home space — where you currently are — from anywhere else in the app. It’s a good way to leave an event space but remain logged into the platform.
  • Finally, sitting directly in the middle, is the blue Altspace logo button. Click on it to bring up your Main Menu. Get ready to get familiar. You will be using this menu a lot!

The “Discover” Tab

The Discover Tab

The “Events” Tab

“This Week” shows all Main Events with a daily selector at the top.
“All” shows every event, featured or not. There are pages at the bottom.
“Categories” allows you to filter by category
“Interested” shows any events you have RSVP’d or been invited to.
“My Events” shows any events you are directly involved with.

The “People” Tab

The People Tab

The “Me” Tab

Why hello again, you saucy bloke, you.

The “Settings” Tab

Settings Tab: General


Settings Tab: Comfort


Settings Tab: Input (2D Mode)

~~~Input (2D Mode)~~~

Settings Tab: Input (VR Mode)

~~~Input (VR Mode)~~~

Settings Tab: Display (2D Mode)

~~~Display (2D Mode)~~~

Settings Tab: Display (VR Mode)

~~~Display (VR Mode)~~~

Settings Tab: Audio


~~~~~~ 6.) Finding And Making Friends ~~~~~~

Online Friends — Options Appear On Hover
  • First click on the big center triangle button of your Radial Menu to bring up your Main Menu. Along the right hand side you will always see your Online Friends and, if public, where they are currently at.
  • Hover over their name to bring up two options. Clicking Go To will have you attempt to join the world or event they are in at that time. This will not be available if their world is private. Clicking Message will bring up a series of preset message buttons as well as a space to write your own. The preset message “Come Visit Me” will automatically insert an invite link to the world or event you are currently in. This is an easy way to gather friends into one place!
  • Now navigate over to the People tab at the bottom. This tab is divided into 4 sections across the top: Friends, Requests, Here, and Blocked.
Main Menu — People — Friends
Main Menu — People — Requests
Main Menu — People — Here
Main Menu — People — Blocked





Want To Add Someone As Your Friend?

~~~~~~ 7.) Joining Events ~~~~~~

Easily Enter Any Live Public Event

~~~Open Public Events~~~

  • PORTAL — This will spawn a community portal to this event in front of your avatar. Other users can click on it to attach themselves to the portal so when you click on it again and go to the event, they will all instantly follow you! It’s very handy for moving large groups together.
  • ENTER — Clicking on this will instantly move your avatar to the event space. This one applies to only yourself, no friends come with. They can, however, use the Go To button on your name in their list to follow you.
  • INFO — This just brings up a panel of more information about the event.

Searching For A Specific Event?

Private Events Will Appear Under “My Events”

~~~Private Listed Events~~~

The Big Blue Arrow That Says ENTER NOW Below It… That’s Probably It

~~~Website Event Links~~~

Once Clicked, The Blue RSVP Button Turns Clear and Says “Interested”

~~~RSVP For Easy Entry~~~

Online Friends — Options Appear On Hover

~~~Go To Your Friends~~~

~~~~~~ 8.) Visiting Other Worlds ~~~~~~

  • Open your Main Menu to the Worlds tab. (If you do not see the Worlds tab, go to Settings — General and turn ON Enable Worlds).
The Featured Worlds Are Just A Fraction of All Available Worlds

~~~Featured Worlds~~~

~~~User-Created Worlds~~~

A Wild Button Has Appeared!

~~~Favorite Worlds~~~

Clicking The “You Are Here” Button Shows Current Space Information
Main Menu — Worlds — Favorites

~~~~~~ 9.) Taking & Sharing Photos ~~~~~~

Radial Menu — Camera and Selfie
Example of A Camera Photo

~~~ Camera ~~~

Example of A Selfie Photo

~~~ Selfie ~~~

Want To Share Your Photos With Friends?

Webite — Photos — My Photos
Website — Photo Preview— Photos Tools
Editing Photo Details

So In Conclusion…



AltspaceVR is an amazing platform for socializing and holding events but its interface is simply not intuitive for new users. I’m attempting to create a series of tutorials covering the absolute basics and even some advanced tips and tricks!

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