Hope rises you up, fear brings you down

The Tales Of Our Users

Today’s user, Dr Harriet Treacy works in healthcare in the East Midlands. Her passion is to empower the over 65s to take control of their health and overall wellbeing through social interaction and community integration.

Dr Harriet Treacy

We’ve decided to profile Harriet and ask her all about all things Causr. Starting off with, why you downloaded it?

“To connect with likeminded, open people so we can all share our skill sets to improve the world around us.”

Why should other people download and Use Causr?

“Why not? Why give up the opportunity to meet new and interesting people who you can help and who can help you?”

If there was anyone you could meet specifically that Causr could connect you with who would it be?

“Accountants, lawyers, software people, marketing people, plumbers, trade men/women, designers, everyone.”

Do you have a favourite quote or mantra that you live by?

“Hope rises you up, fear brings you down.”

Do you have any examples you’d like to share where serendipity has played a positive role in your life so far?

“It features daily in my life- meeting new and interesting people who often become friends.”

Here at Causr, we look to connect communities to facilitate the needs of each person. With that in mind, we aspire to be the tool that enables the elderly to interact with the world around them, giving them the social interaction and sense of community Harriet is so passionate about.

Thanks to Harriet, we’ve created two groups that look to connect workers in Healthcare and want to help the elderly when they can by joining the charity group Age UK.

Causr is a location-based app that introduces its users to others within the local area. It makes finding nearby professionals with similar jobs, interests and ambitions easy. Scroll through a network of users, see who’s free, meet for coffee, share business advice or simply connect. Causr plans those chances encounters, and makes missed opportunities a thing of the past.

Download the App to see who’s nearby and start connecting today. Now available on the Apple App Store.

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