Democratize AI: Prologue

This is the first part of the Democratize AI article series — an illuminating exploration of emerging technologies, where everyone is invited to join!

The last decade artificial intelligence went from dream to reality

Currently, fully-functioning technology that would have been pure sci-fi only five years ago are located in our pockets. The development of this new, revolutionary technology has been so rapid that it is difficult to keep up (even for a researcher in the field).

The urgent need for AI talent

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The cover of The Economist from Jan 2018. The issue outlines ways to limit the (unfair) AI advantages of the tech behemoths.

The most successful companies of the past decade — i.e. the tech behemoths Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft — have realized the enormous potential of cutting-edge AI technology. They are not only attracting most of the talent in the field (recruiting whole academic departments), many tech companies have also set up their own AI labs and research divisions that actively contribute to the advancements in the field.

However, it is not only the tech giants that can benefit from utilizing the power and capabilities that comes with novel AI technology. There are many industries that are ripe for disruption and democratization — all of which can be powered by AI. Established market players in classical industries, e.g. retail, finance, production, energy, etc. are yet to discover the full potential and possible implications of these new technological advancements.

We are in the early renaissance of Artificial Intelligence and all of its related fields are booming. Industries are changing bottom up and human behavior is transformed by the advancements of these technologies. The everyday life of everyone on the planet is and will continuously be affected by this transformative technology.

AI technology is here to stay and in order for it to benefit everyone — and not just a selective elite in the Silicon Valley — the consequences, benefits, and potential pitfalls of this technology together with how it can be used, has to be analyzed and communicated in a way that is accessible for everyone.

Democratize & Demystify

Do you want to know what sci-fi scenarios will come true in one, three, ten, and fifty years? Are you interested in how we can prevent AI technology from corrupting democratic processes and elections? Have you ever pondered what the baby of Blockchain and AI would look like? Or do you just want to stay ajour when it comes to one of the most hyped and relevant fields of technology?

If so, stay tuned for the next post in the Democratize AI article series: Spark AI Summit — An Odyssey of the World’s Most Renowned AI Conference


Democratizing and Demystifiying Emerging Technologies

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