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Cavalry x Flip

The management team of Flip (fltr): Giacomo Kenner, Ann Kathrin Stärkel, Benedikt Ilg, Georg Renz

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Series A financing of Flip in the amount of 30 million USD! Congratulations to the team led by Benedikt Ilg!

With the Flip employee app, companies are able to update and connect all employees regardless of time and place. Specifically tailored to the needs of operational employees, Flip enables a mobile, simple and fast exchange.

The employee app thus facilitates the active involvement of all employees in the company’s activities, along with the operational staff. This harbours considerable savings potential through shortened communication channels, expanded feedback options and promotes unprecedented networking within the company.

Since its inception in 2018, Flip has been able to massively expand its market presence and win over companies such as McDonald’s, Rossmann, Edeka, Magna and Mahle. Flip works closely with its customers in the development and implementation of the app to ensure that the individual needs of the workforce are met and the internal infrastructure is considered.

We’ve been supporting Flip since their Seed round in January 2020 and are happy to continue to do so! Again, congrats to all Flipsters!

Claude Ritter, Managing Partner at Cavalry, sat down with Benedikt Ilg, CEO of Flip, to ask him what surprised him the most during the fundraising process and what advice Benedikt would give to his younger self.



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