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Cavalry x founding team — (fltr) Hans Kayaert, Kasparas Aleknavičius, Bart Van Remortele, Stevi Frooninckx (Photo credit: Yves Schepers)

The moral principles of our society have evolved significantly over the past few years. Sustainability, transparency, and responsibility have become fixed directives and values in the conduct of companies. For a company that nowadays attaches importance to remaining competitive in the long term, this is reflected in its commitment to social responsibility and tax administration.

Multinational companies are increasingly adapting their approach. But it is not easy — as a rapidly scaling entity operating in hundreds of jurisdictions.

And that’s where steps in — a tax administration platform designed specifically for multinationals! provides a collaborative platform that enables tax teams in hyper-growth mode to stay on top of ever-changing international tax, risk, and compliance tasks while providing transparency to internal and external stakeholders, including auditors and tax authorities.

We are delighted to welcome to our portfolio!

Stefan Walter, Managing Partner at Cavalry, spoke with Hans Kayaert, CEO and co-founder of, about the company and its mission.



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