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Cavalry x Planetly

The founders of Planetly: Benedikt Franke and Anna Alex

Today our portfolio company Planetly announces its acquisition by OneTrust! Congratulations to all parties involved!

Let us quickly shine some light on why this is a match made in heaven.

Rapid growth for the solution of a major challenge

Planetly was founded by Berlin serial entrepreneurs Anna Alex and Benedikt Franke in January 2020. Both founders have prior displayed an excellent aptitude at building startups and leading large teams. Plus: Both Anna and Benedikt were and still are characterised by their passion for the purpose and huge drive which made them great leaders and destined to conquer such a huge challenge. The founders aimed to become the go-to carbon management solution for enterprises. And they definitely over-delivered on their promise and mission.

At Planetly’s core lies the calculation of carbon emissions whereby operational data is transformed, classified and extrapolated into a carbon footprint which is made accessible via its carbon intelligence dashboard. Based on this analysis, companies can 1. generate emissions reports in compliance with recognised standards, 2. set and track targets for emission reduction efforts while having access to service providers and 3. access a curated portfolio of high-quality carbon offset projects. Today, Planetly counts more than 120 team members and more than 200 businesses, including BMW, HelloFresh, and The Economist Group, trust the TÜV-certified Planetly Solution and methodology to take meaningful climate action.

Strong partnership for an even bigger impact

In 2020, OneTrust was named the #1 fastest-growing company in America on the Inc. 500 with a 48,000% three-year growth rate. OneTrust’s fast-growing team of 2,000 employees is co-headquartered in Atlanta and London with additional offices in Bangalore, Melbourne, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, New York, São Paulo, Munich, Paris, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

The company is unique in bringing together privacy, security, ethics, and ESG technology into a unified platform that creates a holistic view of all trust-related programs, enabling more compelling stakeholder experiences. The platform empowers organisations to centrally manage data, capture rich intelligence insights and analytics, enable cross-functional workflows, measure against industry benchmarks, and deliver powerful reports. With OneTrust’s help, organisations can deliver on privacy, risk, ethics, and ESG commitments in a way that is well managed, well verified and well trusted.

With Planetly joining the OneTrust family, OneTrust’s 10,000+ customers will be enabled to operationalise corporate sustainability alongside their broader trust initiatives. OneTrust will also invest in maximising Planetly’s impact. Customers can expect accelerated product development, new industry-specific solutions, advanced enterprise-grade features, localised product support, and global solution availability. Together, the two companies will bring sustainability management capabilities to a broader market that can combat climate change and build trust.

Congrats to Planetly and OneTrust!

Managing carbon emissions is a huge global challenge and we are more than happy to see that solutions in this sector are gaining traction and becoming an integral part of the corporate world. We strongly believe that tech will play a major role in solving the climate crisis. And the partnership between Planetly and OneTrust is an excellent demonstration of this.

All the very best to Planetly and OneTrust!



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