Wipe The Machine Clean

Like a Letterpress

Two years ago, I learned how to use a printmaking machine. The basic idea is that turning these complex machines on spins a thick paint-like ink evenly across each of 5 rollers (see the purple ink on the rollers in the gif).

I’d clip my paper down and turn the crank. The rollers lay the ink down, press the paper onto the plate, and I was left with an awesome poster!

The hardest part by far is cleaning up. The ink is thick and solid, and it takes several rags soaked in chemicals to wipe those rollers clean. I’ve messed up several prints by not making sure it was clean before starting.

That’s exactly how we’ve started to run our meetings at Caveday.

At the beginning of every group gathering, we’ll go around and ask everyone about something they need to clear. Maybe it’s something personal. Maybe it’s just feeling tired.

Because just like a printmaking machine, our brains don’t work cleanly if there’s still some leftover gunk on it from the last thing we were doing.

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