Building the Best Platform for Couriers: Introducing Occupational Accident Insurance

At Caviar, we strive to create the best platform for on-demand work. Today, we have big news for our Courier Community: we’re becoming the only platform to offer all couriers insurance protection on every single delivery by introducing Occupational Accident coverage.

Occupational Accident Insurance ensures that couriers are covered in the rare chance they incur injuries in the course of making deliveries, without limiting their flexibility or choice to work across multiple platforms. There’s no grace period in which couriers must wait to earn coverage — every courier is automatically covered from their very first day on the Caviar platform, and every time they make a delivery. Specifically, Occupational Accident insurance is live from the minute a courier accepts an order for delivery through the minute they complete the delivery.

We’ve wanted to offer a policy like this for a while. At Caviar, we share Square’s mission of economic empowerment — it’s why we offer couriers flexible earning opportunities that pay industry-best national average rates of over $20 per engaged hour. We saw the opportunity to go above and beyond industry norms to offer economic opportunity and benefits to our Courier community. Thanks to our incredible insurance partner, OneBeacon, we were able to create a unique Occupational Accident insurance policy that offers the right protections — and best of all, is no cost to couriers.

A few of the key coverages in Caviar’s Occupational Accident insurance include:

  • Up to $1M per accident
  • $100k accidental death benefit & survivor’s benefits for dependents
  • Disability, both temporary and continuous, at 50% of average weekly earnings

This comes at absolutely no cost to couriers. We’re including this in our standard offering because we feel that providing insurance to protect couriers while they’re actively delivering with Caviar is the right thing to do.

Caviar’s Occupational Accident insurance follows free, truly-instant payouts for couriers through the Cash App as another meaningful, only-on-Caviar offering for delivery couriers. With Caviar, couriers are protected while making deliveries and can access their earnings right after completing those deliveries.

We think this is a positive first step for independent contractor benefits that still gives couriers the flexibility and freedom to earn — and be covered — on their own schedule. We look forward to engaging with the Caviar Courier Community to learn how we can continue to work together to shape and improve the on-demand economy. Learn more about becoming a courier with Caviar at

Note: Caviar’s Occupational Accident insurance policy is effective as of July 1, 2018, so only claims on or after this date are eligible for coverage.