Introducing Healthy Enough

Restaurants picked by nutritionists (who get it).

There’s hard-core healthy and then there’s “Hey, let’s do the best we can most of the time but also, baguettes are delicious” healthy. We’re going for the latter, showcasing restaurants that make it easier to eat better. Or at least “better.”

So how do we decide which places make the cut?

Well, the “we” in this case is our team of Registered Dietitians (hey Sonja, Heather, Kelsey!), who have put together some basic guidelines:

  • These restaurants have to have at least two vegetarian main dish options.
  • Brownie points given for local, organic, sustainably sourced ingredients. (No promises on actual brownies.)
  • Gluten-free options also get a thumbs-up.
  • Overall high-quality ingredients.
  • All you REALLY need to know is at least two dishes at any featured spot have been given the Sonja/Heather/Kelsey R.D. seal of approval.

Everyone has their own OKs and not-so-muches, so we (they) also look for things that are customizable for whatever your own guidelines are. So maybe you’re all about dairy but off the wheat. Or bacon is all-you-can-eat but quinoa is a no-go. (Or maybe you’re just not into tempeh.) You do you.

The TL;DR: Healthy Enough lets you get a leg up in the “eating pretty good mostly” department. Without forcing you to break up with, like, tacos.