Three Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Team

Hard work deserves recognition. Even better, it calls for a celebration.

Every day, employees use their skills to help build a better company, and they should be thanked along the way.

Sure, shout-outs during meetings are great, but to truly show your gratitude, go for a more significant show of appreciation. Here are a few creative ways that office managers can boost morale and honor the company’s very deserving teams.

1. Feed them: You know those incredible employees who have been working tirelessly? Yeah, they’re actually exhausted. Logging extra hours usually means less time for grocery shopping and cooking, so gifting employees a free meal or two from Caviar enables them to unwind with a healthy meal — and not scrounge from the vending machine. Check out this list of crave-worthy restaurants we suggest to make for happy employees.

2. Throw an office party: Everyone tends to fall into a routine at work (which isn’t a bad thing — how else would you ever get anything done?), but it can also be, well, boring. Bust up that routine, if only for a day, with perhaps the best kind of workday treat: food! It’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with food, but if you often offer team lunches (using Caviar for Teams, of course!), switch it up with a catered breakfast, like pastries, a yogurt-and-granola bar and, of course, plenty of premium coffee. Or, since late afternoon is when everyone starts to drag, it’s the perfect time to celebrate with salty or sweet snacks, like cheese and savory bites or a dessert party. No matter what kind of theme you choose, the gathering is really about the gesture and making sure employees feel appreciated.

3. Take it outside: Stepping outside the walls of the office has a powerful effect on employees. When you take away the structure and projects and deadlines, people can relax and relate to each other in a different way, forging friendly bonds that will carry over into the workplace. With that in mind, plan a team offsite event on a Friday afternoon to enable employees to decompress and ease into the weekend. If you’re looking for active, high-energy team-building activities, consider an escape-the-room game, scavenger hunt, trivia, an improv class or even karaoke. For a more low-key day, think wine tasting, a ceramics class or a chocolate-making lesson. No matter what you choose, a great way to cap off your day is with a team dinner at one of your favorite local restaurants.