CEO statement to CazCoin community

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Jan 1, 2019 · 2 min read

Dear CazCoin Community,

As 2018 has drawn to a close, I want to personally thank you for being a member of the CazCoin community. We appreciate your patience in a bear market which was the year 2018.

All of us at CazCoin are committed to making communication from CEO to investor, and everyone in between, simpler, easier and more transparent for our followers. During the past six months, many of you have sent me notes with suggestions to improve our services, for which I am enormously grateful. The power of CazCoin has always been in its community and the ability for all of us to partner together to create the best CazCoin experience for as many people as possible, in addition to continuous development and innovation of our @cazproject

My goal for the future of CazCoin is to build on our experiences to date and through investment and project development , unlock CazCoin to the masses.

We have already started that work. Throughout 2018, we invested to comprehensively upgrade our tech team and customer service which underpin our ability to provide a faster stream of development even during a difficult Crypto market.

We now have some full time staff working around the clock which has really helped us get to were we need to be. At the beginning of December we released , the first marketplace crypto wallet services system. CazPay , a surprise service add-on has been a really positive and popular feature which we will certainly look to further expand in the months ahead. Now that we are open, we will be aiming to kick on steadily in attracting buyers and merchants to CazShop. Marketing, investment and partnering are key areas we are focusing on.

We don’t rest on our laurels. By the end of January 2019 we will release CazExx, our second @cazproject .

CazExx is a cryptocurrency trading exchange which will allow trading of all cryptos from coins to tokens and everything in between. More details to follow in the days and weeks ahead!

In 2019 we will continue to bring together the strengths of CazCoin with a laser focus on delivering even better experiences to you. We have listened to your feedback and our ambitious plans for the new year include debuting many features that you have suggested. With the CazCoin support tutorials videos we began in the last month of 2018, we have responded to requests to make it even easier to run CazCoin masternodes. Watching the 3 masternodes on 1 server being put up step-by-step certainly has helped this. We are open to requests for the next video tutorial our users feel necessary.

Thank you again for being a part of our CazCoin community. We look forward to continuing to partner with you in the months and years ahead. Please continue to share your feedback and suggestions and sharing CazCoin across the socials.

Wishing you and your families all the best in 2019 and a year filled with personal discoveries!


CEO, CazCoin (CAZ)

CazExx (coming soon)


CazPlus (Plus) - A Cryptocurrency E-commerce Platform

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