Monthly Newsletter — August 2018 Recap

Sep 1, 2018 · 3 min read

Wallet update to 1.2.3

As a result of the update to wallet version 1.2.2, an error was placed in the code resulting in a block reward change, lessening the reward. Subsequently, wallet 1.2.3 was issued in August to fix this issue. As of block 166600 the block reward will temporarily be a total of 60, before automatically reducing to 40 after approximately three weeks.
Block 166600 is expected to be reached on September 1st.

Temporary Block Reward Increase

The reason for the increase in block rewards is not to attract new adopters to buy the coin, but to compensate our investors who did not receive masternode or stake rewards during the month of July due to the wallet exploit and subsequent roll-back of the chain (as per wallet update 1.2.2).

Now Trading

CryptoBridge Resumed Trading

CryptoBridge has resumed trading of CAZ and can be found at:

CoinExchange Delays

As most would be aware CoinExchange have yet to resume the trading of CAZ. This delay is extremely disappointing to the CAZ Team, as we know it is for our community and investors. We are attempting to work with CoinExchange to resume trading, however to date we have not been succesful.
Please stay tuned to our social medias and we will update you further once we know more details.

Now Trading on Tradesatoshi

As CoinExchange have yet to resume trading, we decided to list with TradeSatoshi to increase liquidity and provide more avenues for investors to purchase and sell CAZ.

Image for post
Image for post
Now on Tradesatoshi!


StakeUnited have resumed CAZ staking, however due to the healthy ROI, are no longer supporting new masternode additions. This is both a surprise and disappointing, as this is not the service StakeUnited were paid for.
For a reputable masternode service please use NodeShare or Myce.

CazShop Development


A huge new feature is being developed and implemented in to CazShop — CazPay.
Although we are keeping information on this exciting addition quiet, we can tell you that it will be a special service option carried out by CazCoin on CazShop, which will add yet another amazing use case and benefit to CazCoin holders. We fully expect CazPay to appeal to a large number of cryptocurrency users.


APIs have been linked on CazShop which displays live prices of accepted cryptocurrencies, visible at the top of every page; furthermore, the APIs show the live prices on all products for sale.

CazCoin Merchandise

CazCoin merchandise designs have been completed and the products will be for sale within our official CazCoin Merchandise store on CazShop.

New Staff Member

We would like to introduce and welcome the latest addition to the CazShop development team — Anand. Anand is working for CazCoin now on a full-time basis, and brings a huge amount of talent and knowledge to the company.

The Countdown is on

The countdown for the grand re-opening has begun, and we have started preparing our community by highlighting the top seven benefits of CazShop to CazCoin holders.
The first of seven posters (below) has been released on our social medias, and over the next few weeks in the lead up to the re-opening, we will release the remaining six!

CazEx Development

Work is progressing well with CazEx. All the UI and UX development has been completed, and we are now progressing with:

  • Integration of Coin Listing application;
  • Service desk ticketing system integration;
  • Development and integration of Community Coin Voting;
  • Drafting of Terms of Service;
  • Drafting of Listing Policy;
  • Drafting of Listing Packages;
  • Support/FAQ questions and answers;
  • and much more.

Next Month

  • We are hoping CoinExchange will cooperate and resume trading of CAZ;
  • Planning on moving to a new Telegram and Discord to break the residual ties with ‘Copico’;
  • Further hiring of staff for the multiple platforms; and
  • Discussing listing options with Cryptopia.


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