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Monthly Newsletter — June 2018 Recap

Most Exciting Update Ever!

Jun 30, 2018 · 5 min read

The work isn’t slowing for the CAZ Team, and with the successful launch of the CazShop platform, we’re pleased to share with you the news, and our most exciting update ever.

New Website!

We have a new website! Our fresh new website at includes an in-depth roadmap, team overview, an explanation on CazCoin’s suite of platforms in development, and generally a nicer, cleaner feel.

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CazShop Platform Launch

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The build-up is over — the CazShop has finally launched, but this is only the start!
The main focus since the launch has been the integration of CazCoin as a form of payment to the platform. Work is continuing on this, and it will allow you to purchase products on CazShop using CAZ.

We will continue with the current dropship model of delivery until full integration of CazCoin, followed by rigorous testing and troubleshooting.
Merchants are eagerly awaiting listing of their products, and we will proceed with this after the aforementioned integration.

Other scheduled works either underway or complete are the inclusion of SEO optimisation, data analytics, API marketplace connectors, rectifying broken links and incorrect information.

From July we will be keeping you all up to date with regular announcements on CazShop progress, so follow us on our new CazShop Twitter or Facebook platforms.

This is only the beginning!

CazEx — CazCoin’s Own Exchange

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For the past few months, CazCoin has been working on the development of our own exchange, CazEx. The exchange is funded by CazCoin, and the team are extremely excited with the prospect of building and managing a well-built, secure, customer-service-focused exchange, and we hope our community is as well.


Work has ramped-up significantly now that CazShop is live, and the team are hoping to launch CazEx within Q4 2018, however this will depend on the time taken for applicable licences etc. and we only intend to launch the exchange when it is 100% tested and ready for our valued community to use.


As with most new exchanges, CazEx will launch with a small set of currencies for you to trade in, however we expect many more will be rapidly added.

We’re more than open to our beloved community, so if you feel that you have an idea or any suggestions of what you would like to see on the exchange (features etc.) then please feel free to reach out to us on Discord or Telegram, or to Count directly via PM on these platforms.

Benefits to CazCoin Holders

Coin listing fees for the exchange will be payable in CAZ, meaning CAZ will be purchased by those wanting to list their coins on the exchange, therefore removing coins in circulation on exchanges. Furthermore, a particular percentage of those CAZ paid for listing will be burned, removing them from circulation permanently. These actions benefit CAZ holders greatly.

Over the coming months we will make-live a Telegram announcement channel specifically for CazEx news and updates, but in the mean time we have created the below Twitter account which we will begin to use in the coming months!

Note: Please be aware of any Twitter accounts posing to be CazEx — ONLY use the above.


CazCharge is an online-platform enabling users around the world to use cryptocurrencies for digital payments, including mobile phone recharges, utility bill payments, and more.
CazCharge — Make your payments in a click.


The planned date for release of the CazCharge platform is September 2018.

Benefits to CazCoin Holders

Users of CazCharge will pay their bills using CazCoins (CAZ), meaning yet another use case for CAZ, and again lowering the circulating supply.


We know a lot of questions will be asked surrounding the below point on the new roadmap, so we would like to address it now.

  • Distribution of shared platform profits to Masternode holders: You read this right. Once the three platforms are live, we plan to share revenue profit with masternode holders. What this means is that a percentage of the CAZ revenue generated by the platforms will be distributed, in CAZ, to masternode holders.

New Block Explorer

Along with our new website we’ve released a new block explorer to rectify issues with the old one, but also to provide further features, such as Masternode details, coin details (i.e. active nodes, node worth, coins locked, current supply), and top 100 wallet information.


YouTube Page

CazCoin now has a YouTube platform! We will be uploading videos over time, so go ahead and check out our page here.

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Twitter Competition — 2,200 CAZ Winner

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Visit our Twitter page!

Congratulations to @riendero for winning a cool 2,200 CAZ.

We hope you all enjoy the competitions as we plan to have more in the future.

CazCoin Telegram Announcement Channel

The team have started the ‘CazCoin Announcements’ Telegram channel for the quick and easy dissemination of CazCoin announcements. Join this group to receive information first-hand.

CazCoin Netherlands Telegram Group

We now have a Telegram channel for our Dutch-speaking community!

Listing on

CazCoin is now listed on, meaning you’re now able to quickly and easily swap CAZ for other cryptocurrencies, and vice-versa.

The Month Ahead (July 2018) and Beyond

Whitepaper Launch

The team have busily been preparing the CazCoin whitepaper for release, and hope to load it to our new website in early July.

Team Expansion

As of next month the CAZ Team will be growing to assist in the ongoing development of the multitude of platforms we have in the works, as well as marketing and other planned milestones.

Visit Us and Join our Community



Official Bitcointalk ANN






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