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Monthly Newsletter — May 2018 Recap

Now That Was a Busy Month!

May 31, 2018 · 5 min read

The update is long, but that should be seen as a good sign - we’ve been busy!
The Caz Team have been hard at work for the month of May, with huge mile-stones reached (and additional ones to boot!). With the upcoming ‘Caz Shop’ E-commerce platform launching on June 8 the team isn’t slowing down, and with the lofty goals continuing even after the Shop launch, will definitely continue to be busy in the coming months!


The coin swap from Copico to the new and improved CazCoin (CAZ) continues, but you can now purchase CAZ from the following exchanges:

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Guides, Guides, Guides

The team has listened to the CAZ Community and produced guides to help you build your masternode; whether it be via a VPS service or on your Windows wallet. And if you don’t have enough coins for a masternode, we’ve also developed a guide for staking.
Check out our website for view the guides.

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Coin Swap

Coin swaps can be a pain, both for the team and, most importantly, for the coin holders. However, the Telegram bot built to facilitate the swap of Copico (XCPO) to CazCoin (CAZ) worked without fault.

Now that the automatic coin swap period is over, team member Sam is working tirelessly to perform the final manual coin swaps before the cut-off date of June 7 2018.

For further information on the coin swap visit our Telegram.

Coin Tracking

CAZ has been added to two coin-tracking apps:


Keep forgetting how many CazCoins you have? Well you’re in luck; with the addition of CAZ on Blockfolio you can now track how many coins you have.


Alternatively you can use GetDelta to track your coins.

Twitter Competition

This month we held our first Twitter competition, and what fun it was! We had a huge amount of entrants within a few hours and by the end of the first day we’d reached the goal and drew the winner.

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Visit our Twitter page!

Congratulations again to @WorkMoneyFun for winning the awesome prize of 1,000 CAZ.
Not that guy? Never fear, we’ll be holding another competition shortly!

Telegram Sticker Pack

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If you’re part of our Telegram group you’ll have recently seen the addition of our fun CAZ Sticker Pack!

The one to the left of this box is hands-down the Editor’s Choice.

To see more come and join our friendly Telegram Community and check the rest of the stickers out!

CoinMarketCap Listing

The update many of you have been waiting for — CazCoin is on CMC!
See the page for the latest price and exchanges.


Track the latest ROI for your masternode via the Masternodes.Online website.


To continue the run of additions to websites, CAZ has been added to StakeUnited. On this great site you can:
- Add your coins to a staking pool to earn great staking rewards, and not have to worry about leaving your PC on 24/7; and
- Add your coins to a masternode pool and earn rewards!
The above options are fantastic for our coin holders who don’t hold enough coins worth staking by themselves, or enough for a masternode.

The Month Ahead (June 2018) and Beyond

CAZ Shop

Although May was extremely rewarding, with many milestones reached, June brings the key milestone of the launch of the CAZ Shop E-commerce platform. We hope for a seamless launch for our community, and are definitely working hard to ensure that’s the case. The count-down is on!

Whitepaper Launch

Work has been progression on releasing an in-depth whitepaper to provide our investors clarity and an overview of what CazCoin fundamentally is, our roadmap, team, and technology.


Once the manual coin swaps are done and the CAZ Shop launched, then the team will be dedicating effort towards developing a clear marketing strategy.

Team Expansion

As of next month the CAZ Team will be growing to assist in the ongoing development and release of the Caz Shop, and ‘other’ planned milestones.

New Website Development

Our website is going through iterative reviews and updates to better reflect what CazCoin truly is, and provide a clearer overview as to the breadth of projects that CAZ will cover.

New Block Explorer

A new CazCoin block explorer is being built and will incorporate CAZ masternode stats.


To accompany the new website, we’re in the planning stages of rebranding CAZ to not just be an E-commerce coin, but to be the umbrella project that oversees sub-projects to bring crypto use to everyday life. Stay tuned for further details once they’re released.

Upcoming Partnerships

Although we can’t official release information on the pending partnerships, we can assure you that they’re in the pipeline and will make a huge difference to the way CazCoin is used. We’ll release this exciting news as soon as possible.

MYCE Telegram Bot

To assist our ever-growing Telegram Community we’ll be releasing a MYCE-built support bot to answer not only simple questions, but to also provide a step-by-step walkthrough for setting up your masternode.

Visit Us and Join our Community



Official Bitcointalk ANN






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