Christian Apps!

Something I’ll try to keep up to date over time…


Bible in one year apps

Great for those new, or current who want a bible plan to run through and understand the whole bible. You don’t have to do it in a year, but the structure is great to follow and gives you that daily kick of biblical reading (We generally like a good plan!)

Whole Bible apps

Great mobile apps. Gateway has audio bible.

Faithlife is great for IPad with split screen study bible.

And Bible has additional devotional courses and plans to run through say if you’re wanting to do a 7 day study on ‘finances’ etc.

Apologetics apps

Gotquestions, your search bar for questions.

One minute apologist are short answers to important questions in video format (a few minutes per video).

Reasonable Faith is a brilliant app with podcasts built in, and a apologetics ‘defenders’ course to aid you in the defence of the Christian faith working through systematic theology (highly recommended).

RZIM is a podcast app with briliant 10–25 minute daily podcasts accompanied with 1 minute segments daily.

Stand to Reason, like Reasonable Faith is an apologetics app that has a wealth of Christian resources with podcasts, blog and more.

Cross Examined is another apologetics app with a wealth of resources, podcasts and uniquely, a collection of short answers to engage people with and for you to learn.