Understanding Discord — Scheduled Events

Online communities often run events to help create stronger bonds between their members. It used to be that running events on Discord required a 3rd-party website or a Discord bot. However, on September 28th, 2021 Discord started rolling out their answer to the ever-growing demand for integrated event management: Scheduled Events.

In this article, we will go over how to create a Scheduled Event and how to manage their permissions.

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Creating A Scheduled Event

As long as your server is set as a Community Server, it is incredibly easy to find the Events page as it will be listed at the very top of your channel list. If you do not have Community Server enabled, simply click on your server’s name above your channel list to reveal the “Create Event” option. Clicking on this option will take you to the event creation window. You can also reach this window by clicking on “Events” in your channel list and then “Create Event”.

If you would like to learn more about Community Servers and how to enable it on your server check out our article here.

Private Server (Left) and Community Server (Right)

Once you have the event creation window open, you will have to go through the steps for setting up your event — starting with where your Event Location will be. You can choose a voice channel or somewhere else on the internet, and you can also use a stage channel if your server is set as a Community Server. Once you click on an option, a drop-down menu or text box will appear depending on your choice.

Selecting Where Your Event Is Hosted

Once you pick the Event Location, you can click “Next” to proceed to the Event Info page. Here, you will be able to set a name for your event, a date, the time it starts, a description, and upload a cover image for your event. If you chose “Somewhere Else” as your Event Location, you will also have the option to set an end date and time.

Event Info Setup Window

Once filled out, you can click “Next” to proceed to the Event Review window where you can review your event settings and complete the creation process. This section will show you exactly how your event will look to others on the Events page in your server. If you are happy with your settings, you can click “Create Event” which will finish the creation process and display the new Event’s Invite Link which you can copy to send in your server or share somewhere else online.

Event Created

Now your event is ready and members of your community can join it via the Events page–which will now indicate a number for how many events are currently active. For Private Servers, the Events page will remain visible as long as there is an active event.

Active Event

Scheduled Events Permissions

Sometimes members of your team might need to run an event for the community. Luckily for us, Discord has included a new permission called “Manage Events” which can be found in the server’s settings under the permissions tab of a role. Unfortunately, this is a blanket permission which means it will allow users to create, edit, and delete any event no matter if they made it or not.

Manage Events Permission

Scheduled Events Settings

Once an event is made, you will have an extra settings menu on each event that allows you to export the event to an online calendar, download the ICS file, start the event early, edit the event, cancel the event, copy the event link, report the event to Discord, and copy the event ID.

To access these settings, click on Events directly above the channel list, then click the 3-dot menu icon next to the “Share” button on an event.

Events Settings

Expanded Event View

An important part about running certain types of events is knowing how many members are attending and who they are. This is where the Expanded Event View comes into play. By clicking on your event in the Events page, you will get a full overview of the event and how many people are attending. Here you will find a tab called “Interested” which lists all members who have marked themselves as interested in the event.

Final Thoughts

The integration of Events Management directly into Discord allows for communities to more easily host community building events that can bring the members of a community closer together. That said, it is missing some key features such as limiting attendance to specific roles and expanded permission controls, but this is a great start to giving community builders the tools they need to engage and connect with their communities.

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