Know your worth and trust will chase you

Sensible people puts in their trust when the other person deserves it.

We put limits and extensions depending on how we are comfortable. Is he competent or honest enough to be within the level of standards we have set for ourselves?

“Are you worth the trust that I will place on you?”

Can you trust your hairstylist to cut the hairstyle you want for your hair? Can you trust you trust the pizza delivery guy to deliver the perfect thin crust mozzarella pizza right to your doorstep? Can you trust an office mate not to repeat confidential matters discussed in private? Trust is crucial when it is focused to matters in which others are erratic and undependable.

So, how do we place our trust?

Some people say that it is a matter of choosing the right cases. It is a matter of trusting some to do this particular task and the others for some tasks that you know they are capable of. That’s why we look at recommendations, opinions which for the most part offer only generic or general references depending on a certain situation or based on predetermined goals in statistics.

Whichever way you look at it, if you want others to trust you without question, the answer is very simple. Be trustworthy. It’s the universal law. You might be able to convince them the first time but you can’t fool them all the time. The best action is to provide enough evidence of ability, honesty and dependability for people to reach an intelligent conclusion to trust you without doubt.

Let me say it out loud. 2 things. First, be trustworthy. Second, provide results.

Take my word for it, know your worth and trust will chase you down.

CBR Token is built on trust. The location, the service and the security.

So, settle here. We are worth your every trust. I promise!