6th of August: ORCA reveals token launch

ORCA, the fintech that bridges crypto and traditional banking services, announced its crowdsale date today afternoon

Finally! The time for the big announcement has come. We’re proud to say ORCA token sale launches on the 6th of August (2018–08–06).

ORCA CEO Natan Avidan announced the date by himself on official ORCA Telegram group

Bonus round is still active for ORCA whitelisters and you should make the best of it. Go and enlist at www.orcaalliance.eu to lock your seat in the ORCA express. We are looking at the proceeds very carefully to safeguard long-term interests of our community therefore, KYC is a must for everyone who wishes to participate in ORCA crowdsale. Better to take care of it now rather than later.

Big players as well should note that our pre-sale coming to an end and only a few entries are available. Hit our head of business development Vachtangas an email to get in.

Basic token sale information:

  • Sale starts: 2018–08–06 at 9:00 AM GMT
  • Total supply: 460,000,000 ORCA
  • Available for purchase: 60% | 277,000,000 ORCA
  • Token price: $0.06 USD
  • Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC
  • KYC: Yes
  • Restricted countries: USA, China, Canada

Latest milestones

And always: Avoid scammers, trust only the information coming from official channel sources of ORCA and always double check legitimacy of the claims in our Telegram group. You can never be too safe. There have already been multiple attempts to impersonate our Team members, admins and breach our website security. All of them failed, but it is a sign that bad actors are paying attention. Protect your money and dignity. Don’t fall victim to malevolent agents.