A Symbiosis: Trust Wallet and ORCA

As ORCA token sale is approaching every day, the need for a secure and trusted wallet is of critical importance. We are glad to announce that our contributors will have the benefit of using a developed ERC-20/ERC-223 compatible wallet during and after ORCA Alliance public sale.

“We are excited to team up with ORCA to ensure that the token distribution goes smoothly and successfully. Through our work together we are hoping to provide the best possible experience before and after the distribution event is completed. We are delighted to welcome every ORCA customer to the Trust family and proud to provide all of them with access to Trust’s outstanding customer support services.” — says Viktor Radchenko, Founder of Trust Wallet

Trust is a mobile application which acts as an online wallet in sync with tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Trust Ethereum wallet also supports other two blockchains belonging to the Ethereum ecosystem — Ethereum Classic and Callisto. A total of more than 20,000 tokens are accessible through the application. Besides the digital wallet, Trust team has built a Web3 browser that interacts with any decentralized application (Dapp).


Trust aims to provide the highest level of consumer convenience through it’s simplistic interface. It covers a large consumer base who want to hold tokens, participate in sales or airdrops and initiate transactions. It’s a mobile app which lets you keep in touch with your token bags at all times.

Most importantly as the name suggest, Trust wallet employs best practices available in the market to achieve state-of-the-art level of security. Wallets code is open-source and is being submitted for peer-review audits periodically. As digital wallets are a relatively new technology and the token programming are changing from time to time, iteration cycles and continuous improvement is a must have for successful operations.

“We are looking seriously at security threats and the potential of hack attacks during our sale and are taking all safety measures necessary to avoid damages. Trustworthy relationship building between projects and their community is a ‘no errors allowed’ area. That’s why we are happy to have Trust Wallet to help us to raise funds with minimum security risk.” — N. Avidan, CEO of ORCA Alliance.

Trust wallet also allows back-ups to be stored digitally or in cold storage in case a client loses access to the wallet.


What is more, Trust Wallet have just recently announced successful integration with the Bancor platform. In other words, Trust’s users will be able to surf through Bancor and use its features without ever leaving the mobile app. Besides Bancor, Trust has already been in cooperation with prominent projects like Kyber Network, a decentralized crypto exchange project advised by Vitalik Buterin and FundRequest, decentralized marketplace for developers which ORCA has already befriended last week. Projects like Changelly, CanYa and OpenSea is also among are collaborating with Trust.

ORCA Alliance is overstepping building its own wallet and leaving the matter to the pros. All efforts of ORCA Alliance are being dedicated to the development of the Open Banking platform. Demo version is already available.

ORCA public sale starts on April 16th. Enlist at official ORCA website and get all major updates directly to your inbox.

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