FundRequest Accepts ORCA’s Friend Request

Our network keeps on expanding. After ongoing communication ORCA Alliance and FundRequest found multiple areas for mutual benefit.

FundRequest is a decentralized platform for developers to collectively solve issues. It’s an open source marketplace where aspiring programmers — no matter how knowledgeable they are — can start working on blockchain projects, gain competence and get rewarded.

FundRequest’s platform is a great mechanism for businesses and projects facing development issues to get back on track without having to hire ever-scarce devs.

“Developer problem-solving capabilities is a valuable commodity in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. FundRequest is offering a flexible and lively solution to a headache most crypto projects are likely to face while at the same time supporting their developer community with opportunities to grow. We are thrilled to have access to FundRequest’s ecosystem.” — N. Avidan, CEO of ORCA Alliance.

ORCA is building an Open Banking platform which will act as a connection gateway between users and their financial accounts. Having access to community of developers plays a key part in secure project implementation. The synergistic partnership is set to advance ORCA project in a couple of ways.

First of all, it will allow ORCA to engage Fundrequest’s developer community and help to outsource implementation tasks. Whether it be bug fixes, security audits, code improvements or new integrations, the ecosystem permits any task to be listed.

Second, ORCA will have access to FundRequest’s API to test separate parts of the code without having to implement all platform logic. It will provide additional transparency through community interaction and reduce development costs for ORCA.

“2018 is set to be a game-changing year for retail banking. As the PSD2 becomes implemented, banks’ monopoly on their customer account information and payment services is about to disappear. Therefore we at FundRequest are very happy to support ORCA, the first organization that will leverage these new EU regulations in a very open and transparent way.” — Karel Striegel, CEO of FundRequest.

FundRequest has already achieved partnerships with well-known blockchain projects. Some of which include SingularityNet, the decentralized marketplace for Artificial Intelligence development, Request Network, a payment request infrastructure, and Trust Ethereum Wallet. And now ORCA is joining the list.

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