It’s a Fact: Setting Camp in S. Korea, Partnership with Factblock

ORCA is making waves going into the Korean market. Multiple trips over the last couple of months starting to pay dividends. ORCA has established a partnership with Factblock — an information sharing platform connecting blockchain and crypto-related content from industry leading experts.

To sweeten the deal, Factblock’s co-founder Brian Kang is coming along to assume advisory role in ORCA.

Cooperation with Factblock is aimed at having local and always available visibility in southeast Asia, namely South Korea. Cryptocurrency markets are buzzing in that part of the globe and ORCA needed help to overcome language and geographical distance barriers. With the help of Factblock we’re finally setting up regional presence there.

Naturally, we are very happy to reach an agreement with FactBlock. Everybody knows that people are going nuts for crypto in Korea. We believe this partnership will help us to make an impression in the Korean market”, — N. Avidan, CEO of ORCA.

Media outreach and regional community support, project analysis and information sharing, coding checks and much more will be available for ORCA project stemming from the newly formed partnership.

Factblock launches their beta platform on the 15th of June and be sure you’ll find ORCA there.

Brian Kang — newest ORCA advisor

Fact Block’s co-founder Brian Kang is joining ORCA as an advisor. Brian has experience in business development and is introducing ORCA to his personal and professional network.

Brian has been an active investor into ICOs since 2013 and has contributed to more than 30 projects throughout the years. Moreover, Brian is the founding member of HybridBlock, an all-in-one cryptocurrency trading system.

“You might think Open Banking is big in Europe but people in Korea are also paying close attention to it. There are plenty opportunities to innovate by connecting services through APIs. It increases competition in the market therefore making businesses improve service efficiency and benefits consumers by driving down prices. I see ORCA as a potential front-runner.” — said Brian Kang.

His deep knowledge of the blockchain technology and competence in analyzing cryptocurrency-related projects will go a long way to help familiarize ORCA with the Asian crypto community. Having access to a vast network of financial traders, multiple synergies can be achieved between ORCA’s Open Banking platform and active participants of secondary cryptocurrency markets.

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