Open Banking Platform: ORCA Smart AI

ORCA will integrate a wide selection of sophisticated financial services into the platform. Users will enjoy access to a plethora of services tailored to suit financial goals, reduce risk and adapt to individual preferences, all unlockable with the use of ORCA tokens. One of the most important features which will empower platform users to strive for smart money and asset management is the ORCA Smart AI.


ORCA Smart AI is a self-learning data analysis system that monitors industry parameters, whether it be crypto or fiat-related. It provides personalized suggestions to users on how to save service costs and how to benefit from efficient financial management. All personalized suggestions are calculated in terms of reliability and in accordance with individually chosen parameters such as risk aversion, financial objectives, and chosen time frames.

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For example, after analyzing spending habits, ORCA Smart Advisor could categorize the user as a ‘spontaneous buyer’ and suggest postponing big purchases. This feature may later serve secondary functions like helping people limiting expenditure or aggregating future tax liabilities in advance. In the case of a ‘conservative spender’, smart algorithms would suggest investment routes instead of keeping funds idle in the account.

Numerous approaches can be used to get the best of ORCA Smart Advisor and improve personal finance management:

  • Spending analysis — utilizes user spending data and gives direct suggestions and insights;
  • Smart saving — performed either by automatically allocating funds to a savings account upon inflow receipt or through risk-benefit analysis of a managed portfolio;
  • Trading strategies — Smart (advice on the timing of buying/selling crypto assets), Automated (ability for configuring Bots to trade automatically for the user), Copy trading (following successful traders and benefit from shadowing their trades.

Good Idea, Better Timing:

We have loads of people joining the crypto space every day and — by the looks of it — rates are not slowing down anytime soon.

Crypto believers or not, the overwhelming majority of the public have little knowledge understanding about financial instruments, money management, and trading. Moreover, having various accounts with different providers, managing multiple passwords and logins does not ease the process either. Even those who have disposable funds to invest — more frequently than not they are senior individuals — sometimes choose to keep funds in the bank balance and let inflation slowly eat them up.

Let’s take the crypto ecosystem for argument’s sake. Even though public traction is converging into a full-blown craze, current portfolio management infrastructure is still in its dinosaur-era phase. At present, there are apps which enable you to track your portfolio such as Blockfolio, Bitsnap, CoinTracking, and others.

However, these apps do not let you initiate payments, perform transactions or crypto-to-fiat conversion. This leads to a situation in which a crypto trader has different assets on separate wallets, have trading positions in a wide selection of exchanges and have to update portfolio tracking apps whenever a trade is done. This, to say the least, leads to a lot of frustration.

“The ecosystem of the crypto world is quite complicated and the lack of time and fast pace living does not allow every human to get substantial technical knowledge in the field of financial technology. Thus ORCA Smart Advisor will be an essential part of ORCA platform, making it different from other products in the market by giving access to automated personal data analysis and easy-to-understand AI suggestions. After some time, every user will treat Smart Advisor as an inevitable part of a digital finance platform (like ORCA) allowing them to achieve personal goals” says Linas Butenas, ORCA’s AI and data mining expert.

Lack of knowledge, insufficient market infrastructure, and limited information often leads to resource mismanagement and prevents individuals from efficient money saving.

Instead of looking for a financial advisor and paying commission or having to learn everything for oneself, ORCA users will have access to all financial data in one place. Data aggregation and the help of ORCA Smart Advisor will enable them to take control of personal finances and start learning how to work the financial ecosystem to ones’ benefit.

Examples given above are just a few potential cases of ORCA Smart AI application. Open Banking and the disruptive potential of cryptocurrencies is about to radically change banking worldwide. This may lead to innovations that no one is able to foresee but one thing is clear though — the way we perceive the economy, trust and value transfer is taking us into an unexplored direction with great things ahead.

The advanced features of ORCA Dashboard such as Smart Spending, Stress Testing, Portfolio Rebalancing are being developed in parallel and will be implemented only once basic Dashboard functionality is achieved. More about ORCA Dashboard can be found here.

ORCA tokens will become available for public purchase On April 16th. Only 10 days left!

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