ORCA Alliance launch factsheet: preparing for August 6th

ORCA Alliance
Aug 1, 2018 · 3 min read
ORCA crowdsale starts 9 AM GMT on August 6th. Visit www.orcaalliance.eu to enlist.

Welcome friends and supporters, we appreciate your trust and are providing the basic information about the upcoming rounds of ORCA ICO.

Soon we will open access to the dashboard through which you will have the chance to purchase ORCA tokens during the crowdsale.

We have finalized ORCA tokenomics and are confident to publish the details of the sale structure. So without further ado let’s jump to the important news.


Round I of ORCA sale starts on August 6th at 9 AM GMT and will be capped at $1,500,000 USD with a 20% bonus. First 48 hours will be closed only to whitelisted persons. After that, everyone else will also have the chance to participate with a 20% bonus, if the contributions from early adopters do not cover the cap.

The first round closes once the cap is fulfilled or after 7 days, no later than on August 13th 9 AM GMT. Round I cap is determined based ORCA token supply, allocation, funding goals and available space for bonus tokens.

Round II starts on August 27th at 9 AM GMT. It will have a 10% bonus for people who pass KYC. The Second round ends on September 3rd.

Round III starts on September 4th and will last until September 6th with no added bonuses.

If the hard cap is raised, ORCA token sale will be closed immediately.

Having problems doing the KYC? Watch the video tutorial we made. People find it useful.

Token sale dashboard and participation

Whitelisted persons will receive a link to the ORCA dashboard where they will have to log in to participate. On the dashboard, they will see their wallet address, ORCA smart contract address, sale terms and conditions and their ORCA token balance.

During Round I and in the 2-week period between rounds, individuals will be able to register for Round II of the sale and apply for 10% bonus. Round II is set to start on August 27th.

Exchange rate

During the sale ETH, BTC and TOMO coin contributions will be allowed. Relevant USD exchange rates for ORCA token allocations will be announced on August 6th at 8 AM GMT based on current market rates.

Token distribution

ORCA tokens will be distributed instantly once contributions to ORCA wallet are executed. Token metrics have been audited, ORCA smart contract will be made public before the sale and is currently under internal audit. After transaction is sent, you will be able to see ORCA tokens available on your balance in seconds.

If submitted contributions exceed the first round limit of $1.5 million USD, all transactions made over the cap will be refunded to senders’ wallet addresses.

First in first out contribution order

Sale will be done on ‘first-in-first-out’ basis. In case of a substantial inflow of contributions, transactions with the highest gas amount will be recorded on the blockchain and serviced first, therefore we urge all whitelisters to send contributions as early as possible to guarantee smooth participation. Be sure to come early! Set an alert in your calendar so you do not miss it.

Security announcement

Participation in the ORCA sale will be available ONLY through the official dashboard located in a subpage of www.orcaalliance.eu. We recommend to double check URL address and ORCA wallet address with designated community managers and ORCA team members before executing transactions. Join official ORCA telegram group.

Registered entrants should not reveal their dashboard links, wallet addresses, login or password information to unauthorized persons.

Right now, first round entries are oversubscribed, but people can still whitelist for the II round. Keep in mind that you need your passport or ID card and a functioning camera for it. Visit www.orcaalliance.eu to enlist now!

Join ORCA heartbeat on social media and never skip an important milestone.

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ORCA. Open Banking meets Cryptocurrencies

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