ORCA doing America Vol I: San Francisco

Dynamic duo of the ORCA Alliance team Natan & Vachtangas have started their journey across the US.

First checkpoint — World Crypto Economic Forum (WCEF) in San Francisco. A two day conference took place on 15–16th of January.

Numerous prominent speakers have gathered there to share stories and insights about the Crypto evolution which is mesmerizing everyone’s attention and is the hottest trendy topic at the moment.

Speakers were astronomically outnumbered by conference participants who couldn’t wait to get in the building. WCEF team even got Nick Szabo, one of the most well-known Cypherpunks and, according to some conspiracy theorists, a suspect accused of being Satoshi Nakatomoto, to give keynote presentation on the opening day.

ORCA Alliance team spent little time listening to presentations though and were making themselves busy connecting with promising blockchain startups to discuss future cooperation. Meeting potential investors was also in the agenda.

On a sunny San Francisco afternoon ORCA tandem ran into Shingo Lavine, Ethos.io co-founder and product manager Kevin D. Pettit. Having some similarities with the Ethos project it was a superb opportunity for ORCA to pick the brains of these accomplished professionals, hear their experience of running an ICO and then transitioning it to the product development phase. Lads were sure not to forget to have a little fun while at it.

Vachtangas & Natan meeting S. Lavine and K. Pettit from Ethos.io

Had a couple of very productive days, but the clock does not make exceptions for anyone, even killer whales and soon enough it was time to hit the road.

Next stop: World Blockchain Forum in Miami.

We will be sure to keep you guys posted. For now, join our Telegram group to get the hottest news and latest updates!